L-Ghent told how the private talk with China Suárez was after his controversial crossing with the actress

L-Gante revealed the dialogue he had with China Suárez after the controversy (Moment D. El Trece) Days ago, an unexpected controversy shook the entertainment world. On one side, the actress Eugenia La China Suarezand on the other, the musician L-Ghent, one of the most popular of the new scene. It all started at the Ezeiza … Read more

The suggestive comment of L-Ghent after the anger of China Suárez

L-Ghent sent a hint to China Suárez In the last hours, an unexpected cross between Eugenia La China Suarez Y L-Ghent. It all started when the singer of cumbia 420 was approached by the chronicler of show partners after arriving at the Ezeiza airport, after his vacation in Spain, and was consulted by the actress. … Read more

China Suárez’s sharp response to L-Ghent about her musical career: “I sang before you were born”

L-Gante was surprised to hear that China Suárez launched herself alone and she responded on Twitter Elian Valenzuela returned to Argentina after his family vacation in Europe, and several cell phones were waiting for him at the Ezeiza airport, in addition to his fans. Relaxed and happy for the affection with which he is always … Read more

L-Ghent was hospitalized after starring in a confusing episode


L-Ghent L-Ghent starred in a confusing episode and had to go to the hospital, where they treated him and was accompanied by his wife Tamara Báez and his mother, Claudia, as reported through social networks. was the journalist Maite Penonori who told in his network: “L-Ghent was fractured and ended up with a cast on … Read more

L-Ghent and his girlfriend moved to a private neighborhood and received criticism: the overwhelming response


L-Gante and Tamara Báez, in their best moment as a couple, decided to move together to a country with their daughter Jamaica Since he made his way as one of the most successful local artists, and also as the creator of the “cumbia 420”, the life of L-Ghent it is a reason for constant news. … Read more

The bad moment of L-Ghent: he decompensated when he arrived in Bolivia and had to be assisted


L- Ghent “Oxygen 420 for the blacks“, wrote L-Ghent on their social networks, just minutes after arriving in Bolivia. The thing is the height played a trick on him and after his arrival at the Oruro airport the singer became unbalanced and had to be assisted. After receiving oxygen, 21-year-old Elianyes, he recovered and was … Read more