Lies and truths of Gianluca Vacchi before the premiere of his documentary: “I am a round man”

Interview with Gianluca Vacchi It broke into social networks nine years ago and today it has almost fifty million followers on different platforms. They have called him crazy, eccentric and other things, but Gianluca Vacchi these criticisms seem to matter little to him. He continues to show his wealth, his excellent physical condition and his … Read more

Anitta showed what lies beyond her navel, irresistible

Anitta showed what lies beyond her navel, irresistible | Instagram With his open personality he has conquered the whole world, carrying the image of Anitta to go around the globe. With nothing to hide, the singer always seeks to be authentic and project her originality in every possible way, becoming one of the women who … Read more

Julieta Prandi replied to Claudio Contardi: “I don’t have to worry about his lies and threats”


The testimony of Julieta Prandi (America) Claudio Contardi broke the silence to discuss the legal battle what do you have with Juliet Prandi, the mother of his children, Mateo and Rocco. “Every time the court rules in my favor, a new headline appears saying that I am a scammer, that I never spend money to … Read more

Jennifer Lawrence: an unhappy childhood, an adolescence of lies, and the New York apartment where she lived with rats


Jennifer Lawrence The prohibition was clear: she couldn’t play with other girls. That rule that threatened the healthy development of his childhood, found a foundation in his two older brothers, who were several years apart: Jennifer Lawrence She was the youngest and, being used to more rough games, her mother feared for the integrity of … Read more

The actor’s father Octavio Ocaña rejects the official version of his death: “They are pure lies”


The official explanation for the death of Mexican actor Octavio Ocaña by a shot to the head During a police chase in the state of Mexico, he does not convince his family. His father, Octavio Pérez, assured that he does not believe in the version of the State Attorney General’s Office (FGJEM), according to which … Read more