Lyn May confessed that she likes Salma Hayek

Lyn May talked about her preferences, so she declared that Salma Hayek is her ideal type of woman (Photos: Cuartoscuro/Gettyimages) With his characteristic honesty, Lyn May confessed that he has never had a girlfriend, but he would like to experiment, because he has liked many women throughout his life, including Salma Hayek. During a meeting … Read more

Tini Stoessel, Rodrigo de Paul and Camila Homs: romantic likes and movement in their social networks

Tini, Rodrigo de Paul and Camila Homs: romantic movements in social networks Rodrigo dePaul Y Tini Stoessel they are giving more and more public signs that they are in love and giving a relationship a run for its money. In recent weeks, a controversy was generated by determining how and when their courtship began, something … Read more

Video: Marcela Reyes answered whether or not her husband likes the content she produces for adults


Marcela Reyes answered what her husband thinks about her arrival on digital adult content platforms. Original photos: Instagram @bkingoficial @marcelareyes Last March 9, the DJ Marcela Reyes, revealed that she would enter the world of adult content, after for more than two years some women who had access to the information that her ex-partner kept … Read more

Manelyk González says that he likes Christian Nodal and throws a tremendous hint: “I can buy that ring ten times”


doManelyk Gonzalez will be declaring war on Belinda for Christian Nodal? There are no absolute certainties on this subject. Probably the statements of the model, businesswoman and influencer have nothing to do with the singer, and beyond wanting to hang on to this scandal, what he wanted to do is declare his deep admiration and … Read more

“Whoever likes it likes it”: Daniel Bisogno defended Belinda again


Daniel Bisogno does not agree with the way Belinda has been treated after her breakup with Nodal Photos: Instagram@bisognodaniel // Getty Images the presenter Daniel Bisogno showed his support for the singer Belindawho has been the subject of comments, criticism and even ridicule as a result of his break with Christian Nodal. The couple shocked … Read more

Luciana Salazar responded to everything: her sentimental status, what she likes about a man and the most expensive gift she received


Luciana Salazar, without filters when answering questions from her followers on Instagram Always very reserved, Luciana Salazar he does not usually give details about his private life. And although until just a few weeks ago was participating in Showmatch -program that he had to abandon to carry out urgent procedures for his daughter in the … Read more