Adela Micha and Javier Ceriani shared a passionate kiss on the lips

Adela Micha and Javier Ceriani had a passionate kiss at the TV Azteca facilities Since he began his transmissions through the signal of Aztec TVthe program gossip not like has caused controversysince it is known that its drivers, Javier Ceriani and Elisa Beristainhave launched harsh accusations against some figures of said television station. In addition … Read more

David Beckham severely criticized for kissing his 10-year-old daughter on the lips: “It’s time to stop!”

What seemed like a sweet walk in the park between david beckham and her little daughter Harper’s Seven that was worthy of sharing with the followers of Instagram, ended up becoming a space for debate in which many they criticized the former footballer from being wrong with the little 10 year old. And it is … Read more

Biby Gaytán caused a sensation with a photo without makeup and was criticized for the appearance of her lips


Eduardo Capetillo and Biby Gaytán began their romance in the 90s (IG: bibygaytan) Biby Gaytan surprised his followers of social networks with a tender photo where posed, without a drop of makeup, next to Eduardo Capetillo. The appearance of the actress caught the attention of some users, who wondered about a possible increase in the … Read more