The photographs that prove that Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott lead separate lives

Tori Spelling has celebrated the Thanksgiving in a different way than in other years. The protagonist of Feeling of living ( Beverly Hills, 90210) celebrated this important date in the United States alone with his two daughters Stella Doreen, 13, and Hattie Margaret, 10. Together they prepared dinner and enjoyed watching a Christmas romantic comedy. … Read more

Alberto de Monaco lives a ‘Spanish night’ in the Principality without Charlene

The princes’ hall of the Grimaldi Forum has been decked out to put an end to Monaco National Day in style. The conference and congress center, located on the city’s waterfront, has welcomed Alberto de Mónaco accompanied by his sister Carolina, Andrea and Carlota Casiraghi and Tatiana Santo Domingo for a “Spanish night”. The evening … Read more

George Clooney asks that photos of his children not be published so as not to endanger their lives

George Clooney wants to safeguard the image of his family and the identity of her two sons, the twins, Ella and Alexander, age 4, that share with his wife, the international law and human rights lawyer, Amal clooney, 43 years old. The actor learned that the British medium The Daily Mail had posted pictures of … Read more

What about the life of Las Ketchup? The sisters of ‘Aserejé’, the song that changed their lives

1636018355 What about the life of Las Ketchup The sisters of

In 2002 a song of the sisters Pilar, Lola and Lucía Muñoz they shook the world radios with Aserejé by Las Ketchup. After almost two decades, we review what happened to the singers, self-sanctioned for being the daughters of the renowned flamenco guitarist Juan ‘El Tomate’ Muñoz. Also read: Satanism, esotericism? This is the true … Read more

The devastating Halloween call that changed the lives of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

1635752538 The devastating Halloween call that changed the lives of Prince

Harry and Meghan Markle They usually have a good memory of Halloween, because it was around this date, early in their relationship, that he traveled to Canada to be with her when the romance was still unknown to the tabloids. However, it was also for that celebration that the prince received a call that changed … Read more