From the hospital, Livia Brito is captured and worries her fans

Livia Brito is captured from the hospital and worries her fans | Instagram Is she in poor health? Many began to question what was happening with the beautiful Livia Brito after they arose in social networks images in which the Cuban could be observed from a hospital. In the short recording you could see Livia … Read more

Livia Brito was hospitalized in an emergency: “I got sick, babies”

The artist said she was hospitalized (Photo: Instagram/@denocheconyordi) Livia Brito has stood out throughout her career for her participation in multiple soap operas, but this time the artist worried her fans on social networks after announcing that he remained in a hospital. Although the Cuban He did not give much information regarding the reasons why … Read more

Eduardo Yáñez gives his opinion on the case of Livia Brito and says that he would also have hit the photographer

Livia Brito was in the midst of controversy after hit and allegedly stole a paparazzo’s camera who photographed her with her partner during their vacation in the Riviera Maya in July 2020. Eduardo Yáñez, who also experienced an episode of violence with a reportergave his opinion on the case of the actress. The protagonist of … Read more

The 5 bikinis of Livia Brito that raised the temperature in networks


Livia Brito | Getty Images Photo: Arthur Holmes/Getty Images Thanks to the success obtained with the melodrama “La Desalmada”, the actress Livia Brito has generated a large community on social networks, made up of millions of fans. For this reason, the famous has chosen to stay “up to date” and pamper her followers with one … Read more

In black and gold, Livia Brito greeted the New Year by celebrating successes


Livia Brito in tight leather dress, celebrates New Year | Instagram Livia brito She reappeared again from her social networks and shared a new snapshot in which she wears a tight leather dress with glitters on the back, the “cuban“launches a New Year’s message to his followers. The “TV actress” Livia brito, reappeared from his … Read more

Livia Brito won lawsuit against photographer Ernesto Zepeda


The artist recounted her experience with her first love with whom she had a relationship for 6 months (Photo: Instagram / @ denocheconyordi) Livia Brito started 2022 with a victory in court, after a control judge dismissed the legal process filed by the photographer, Ernesto Zepeda, who more than a year ago in June 2020 … Read more

Livia Brito recalled abuse on Televisa at the beginning of her career


The actress has made a career in Mexico with projects such as ‘Doctors: Life Line’ and ‘The Pilot’ Photo: Archive It would seem that the career of a soap opera star is all ‘honey on flakes’, since the atmosphere that surrounds leading actors and actresses is usually loaded with glamor, luxuries and the reflectors that … Read more

Livia Brito and Miss Mexico, Débora Hallal in a duel of red dresses goddess mode


Livia Brito and Miss Mexico, Débora Hallal in a duel in red goddess dresses. | PHOTO: SPECIAL Wasting beauty from head to toe, the Cuban actress from The soulless, Livia brito, and the Miss Mexico Debora Hallal, dueling in red goddess dresses, they make more than one sigh and leave more than one breathless. Both … Read more

Was Livia Brito a lover of Yordi Rosado? This was the passionate romance, according to the actress: VIDEO


The career of the actress of Cuban origin is in one of its most deplorable stages, since the scandals that she starred in a few months ago have reduced her popularity quite a bit. And it is that in the blink of an eye, the actress’s face was in each of the Televisa productions, but … Read more

“I was her lover”, says Livia Brito about Yordi Rosado


Cuban actress Livia brito surprised locals and strangers by confessing during a television program that he “was a lover” of the Mexican driver, Yordi Pink. It all happened on Monday night, during the broadcast of the program “At Night Everything Happens with Yordi Rosado”, transmitted by Unicable, where the host addressed the issue of first … Read more