Mauro Icardi was reunited with his daughters after a month: kisses, hugs and a lot of emotion

Mauro Icardi was reunited with his daughters after more than a month If something was kept out of the conflictive separation between Wanda Nara Y Mauro Icardi It was the relationship with the boys. The family that they formed with the births of Francesca and isabella and the one they assembled with Valentine, Constantine and … Read more

Gerard Piqué’s alleged new partner would look a lot like Shakira

The soccer player Gerard Piqué and the Colombian singer Shakira, recently starred in one of the most notorious ruptures of the international show. After rumors of infidelity by the FC Barcelona athlete, these ‘celebs’ from Spain announced their separation in a public statement addressed to the media. MORE INFORMATION: Shakira and the messages addressed to … Read more

Gerard Piqué, without control after his separation from Shakira: “He is spending a lot of money on parties”


Gerard Piqué and Shakira separated after 12 years of relationship (Reuters) Gerard Piqué continues to be the center of attention of the majority of the Spanish media after it became official a week ago his separation from Colombian singer Shakira after 12 years of relationship. The central of the FC Barcelona occupies much of the … Read more

Kim Kardashian says that she would be able to eat excrement to look young and gives a lot to think about


Kim Kardashian said she went on a crash diet to lose 15 pounds. (Photo by Gotham/Getty Images) Much of the success of many celebrities is based on controversy, and on getting the media to talk about them in any way. Here I am, in fact, falling into the trap again of giving space to the … Read more

“It cost me a lot”: Galilea Montijo confessed how her depression was after receiving Mateo


Galilea Montijo confessed to having suffered postpartum depression (Photo: Instagram/@galileamontijo) A little less than a month ago, the new season of Divine Netwhich is driven by Natalia Téllez, Consuelo Duval, Daniela Magún, Paola Rojas; during this new stage of one of the flagship programs of unicable it was decided to add the controversial presenter of … Read more

“Glamorous fall?”: The “daughter of Luis Miguel” stars in a mishap with a lot of style in full gala

Michelle Salas, daughter of Luis Miguel, stumbles in Cannes | Instagram michelle hallsdaughter of Luis Miguel, lived an embarrassing moment prior to her presence at the Cannes Festival, where the glamorous garment she wore played a trick on her, an instant that did not take long to go viral on social networks, after she published … Read more

Rocío Marengo announced that she will be a mother: “I took a lot of pressure off myself”


Dew Marengo “Great Sunday. Already at home. I answer questions,” he wrote. Dew Marengo on his Instagram account, a social network in which he shares photos and videos of his daily work routine and also part of his private life with his almost one million followers. Installed in Chiliwhere she is fulfilling work commitments, the … Read more

“I miss Mexico a lot”: Eiza González assures that she dreams of being able to help Latinos


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“There were a lot of emotions” when Chris Rock broke the silence after being slapped by Will Smith


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“I injured my only foot due to my lack of sensitivity”: Daniella Álvarez suffers an impressive injury after walking a lot during her stay in Ecuador | People | Entertainment


The recovery of Daniella Álvarez after suffering the amputation of part of her left leg, is the best example of human improvement. And during her visit to EcuadorThe former Miss Colombia shared with her followers how much she enjoys the country, but unfortunately a long walk left a serious injury to her only foot. Accompanied … Read more