Shanik Berman lashed out at Kate Middleton for Prince Louis’ behavior at the Platinum Jubilee: ‘Raising a brat’

The Mexican complained about the child’s behavior (Photos: IG @shanikberman/Reuters) Last June 2, Kate Middletonthe Duchess of Cambridge, had a peculiar moment during the closing of the Elizabeth I Platinum JubileeI, since your four year old -Prince Louis– threw a tantrum that was recorded worldwide. Given this, the comments regarding the uncomfortable moment that Prince … Read more

Louis Tomlinson sneaks into a wedding in Costa Rica and gives the bride and groom an unforgettable moment

British singer-songwriter Louis Tomlinson had a great time on June 4 in Costa Rica, one night before he will present his show at Parque Viva. What for him was a good time, for the Garnier Hernández family it became an unforgettable event. The former One-Direction, 30, crashed his wedding. It sounds unreal, but it was, … Read more

In photos: the sensational faces of Prince Louis at the jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II explode social networks

In royal ceremonies, someone always steals the Show To the queen. This jubilee was expected to be Meghan Markle, who returned to London, more than a year after pulling the rags out of the sun on the royals on her show with Oprah Winfrey. However, it was not her who earned all eyes. It was … Read more

Los gestos del príncipe Louis que le robaron protagonismo a la Reina Isabel II durante los festejos del Jubileo

Los gestos del príncipe Louis en el Palacio de Buckingham durante el jubileo de la reina Isabel II. En el Reino Unido iniciaron las celebraciones del Jubileo de Platino de la Reina Isabel II, pues este 2022 se conmemoran sus 70 años en el trono, suceso histórico que la convierte en la monarca británica que … Read more

The gestures of Prince Louis at the Platinum Jubilee: the youngest son of William and Kate Middleton stole all eyes on the balcony with Queen Elizabeth II


LONDON.- Isabel II lost the limelight for a while during the celebrations of its Platinum Jubilee, the great celebrations for his 70 years of reign. is that his great-grandchildren George, Charlotte and above all, louis -the sons of the prince William and Kate Middleton– attracted all eyes with their attitudes and gestures on the balcony … Read more

The unfinished business of Prince Louis of Cambridge


Like the rest of the children, from birth to adulthood, the members of the different royal houses meet challenges and objectives. On the one hand, they begin to take their first steps, say their first words or start school. However, in the case of little royalsthey are also reaching a set of goals that differentiate … Read more

Jedet farda de vagina ante David Broncano: “Tengo un coo con cltoris, me corro… Es como un Louis Vuitton”


| Actualizado 20/01/2022 – 02:35 La activista transexual del colectivo LGBT y artista Carmen Jedet Izquierdo Snchez, conocida simplemente como Jedet, ha estado este mircoles en el Teatro Prncipe Gran Va de Madrid para charlar con David Broncano en ‘La Resistencia’, el programa que se emite de lunes a jueves a partir de las 23.30 … Read more

What a stretch! Louis of Cambridge almost unrecognizable at Christmas with his brothers George and Charlotte

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge this year have not failed in their tradition of greeting the holidays with a family photograph in which it is inevitable that children always take center stage. After a year in which we have hardly seen them at public events, it has attracted enormous attention how much they have … Read more