The photos and video of the wedding of Micaela Breque and the pianist James Rhodes, surrounded by their loved ones

The wedding of Micaela Breque and James Rhodes in Madrid Micaela Breque and James Rhodes They celebrated their wedding in Madrid, Spain, accompanied by their loved ones. The Argentine actress shared with her followers on social networks images and videos of the party she held with the British pianist. “I have no words. We have … Read more

He loved her, she not so much: the story of passion and heartbreak of Sean Penn and Charlize Theron

Penn and Theron announced their courtship in 2013. With 15 years and 10 centimeters apart they seemed inseparable (Photo: Getty Images) In life in general and in love in particular, there are stories that end well or very well, there are stories that end badly or very badly and there are stories that do not … Read more

Jorge Poza revealing details of his wedding: “I have never loved as I love today”

The dream of Jorge Poza from unite his life in marriage with Ilse Ikeda it came true. As rarely, the actor took the time to talk about that personal moment, which both he and his partner enjoyed in the company of their loved ones, an unforgettable day that was possible after several months of looking … Read more

Desperate Scarlet Gruber asks for help to find a loved one


Desperate, Scarlet Gruber asks for help to find a loved one. | instagram special Desperate Scarlet Gruber asks for help to find someone from her familysince from the early hours of the morning she and her partner, the prestigious photographer Chris Esquedarevealed that someone had broken into his house and stole one of his dogs. … Read more

“You’re going to die, I can’t save you”: the tragic end of Philip Seymour Hoffman and the despair of the woman who loved him


On February 2, 2014, Philip Seymour Hoffman, just 46, was found dead in the bathroom of a small apartment in New York (Mark Mainz/Getty Images for AFI) Around the lifeless body, like a tragic crown, there are 50 heroin papers and several syringes. The man is in his underpants, lying on the bathroom floor, and … Read more

Tina Turner’s great revelation in her memoirs: “I knew my mother never loved me”


“My parents called me Anna Mae, the only name I was known by until adulthood.” He did not know then how much it would cost him to survive. Nor that would become Tina Turner years later —as a product of her turbulent first marriage to Ike Turner—, a legend in the music industry who has … Read more

Brenda Asnicar presented her millionaire boyfriend on television: “I met him in a bar and I loved it”


Brenda Asnicar is dating Adam Justin, whom she met in New York (Instagram) More and more in love and fully enjoying each of its steps, Brenda Asnicar She continues to focus on her musical path. The ex divine from Ugly Duckling just released his new job Bandit and in that plan he visited Germán Paoloski … Read more

The Phantom death compadre: Say the last goodbye to a loved one


The ghost in mourning, makes known sad news “Thank you with all my heart” the singer says goodbye to his compadre The two carnal ones also join this death “Thank you with all my heart” Mexican singer Alexander García, artistically known in the music industry as El Fantasma, is in mourning after revealing the unfortunate … Read more