Lupillo Rivera reacted to Belinda and Nodal’s controversy: “A man’s duty is to shut up”

(Instagram photo: @juanriveramusic, @belindapop/ Getty Images photo) The recent controversy that broke out between Belinda and Christian Nodal It continues to give something to talk about and has not only divided opinions on social networks, it has also caused some reactions in the world of entertainment. Such was the case with Lupillo Riverawho was infuriated … Read more

Juan Rivera talks about the advice he gave Lupillo to avoid controversy with the press

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Juan Rivera confesses why he has had a bad relationship with Lupillo since he was a child

Getty Images John Rivera he dedicated strong words to his brother Lupillo Rivera, affirming that he is the person who has caused the most damage in his life. The statements were made through a publication in Instagramwhere he delved into how the relationship with the famous singer has been since he was a child. “He … Read more

Lupillo Rivera and his brother Juan honor their father

Mezcaliente Lupillo Rivera and his father, Don Pedro Rivera. As far apart as they are and fights that the brothers have had lupillo and Juan Rivera have something in common: they love and admire their father, Don Pedro Rivera Cervantes. This was demonstrated in their respective Instagram accounts, where separately, but in a very similar … Read more

Lupillo Rivera’s tattoo artist offered to help Christian Nodal with his Belinda tattoos

Before beginning her relationship with Nodal, Belinda had an affair with Lupillo Rivera (Photo: File) Few days have passed since Christian Nodal announced in an Instagram statement that he has ended his romantic relationship with Belinda, with whom he stayed for about a year and a half. One of the aspects that have given a … Read more

Lupillo Rivera again launched against his brother Juan: “I paid his demand”

The singer assured that he has a moral responsibility with the children of the Diva de la Banda (Photos: @lupilloriveraofficial / @ juanriveramusic) The singer Lupillo Rivera showed more indications about the complicated relationship between him and his brother Juan, since assured that every day is better to be apart. “I believe that each one … Read more

Lupillo Rivera premieres a song supposedly inspired by Belinda

Getty Images Lupillo Rivera will finally premiere the song that since August 2020 has been announcing about toxic women. When the singer Belinda, the artist’s former partner, had been in a relationship with the singer Christian Nodal for a month, Rivera uploaded a video from the recording studio where he puts some parts of the … Read more

“I’m not afraid”: Lupillo responds to Juan Rivera and reiterates that “all” his family “received checks”

He also explained that when his famous sister was alive, he came to borrow money to buy the house he has in Temecula, California. Lupillo and Juan Rivera: the confrontation before the conflict over Jenni’s fortune On the night of Friday, January 7, Juan Rivera did a ‘live’ on his Instagram account in which he … Read more

This is the old house of Mayeli Alonso that Giselle, Lupillo Rivera’s wife, wants to sell

In recent hours the name of Mayeli alonso rang loud and clear again after Giselle Soto, the young wife of Lupillo rivera, published that she was already the new owner of the old home that he shared with ‘El Toro del Corrido’. It was through Instagram Stories that Giselle, who is a professional in the … Read more

“Courage and resentment” between Juan Rivera and Lupillo

The Rivera could continue to be estranged, because at least Juan will not seek to approach Lupillo (Photo: Instagram / @ juanriveramusic / @ lupilloriveraofficial) Lupillo rivera And his brother Juan they continue to be submerged in the conflict that revived last May. The singers they have no plans to reconcile, less on the part … Read more