What you should know about Manelyk González, former “Acapulco Shore” and contestant of “The House of the Famous”

1634904667 What you should know about Manelyk Gonzalez former Acapulco Shore

Since the premiere of “The House of the Famous”, the reality of Telemundo, literally, is on fire due to the confrontations and crosswords between its participants that are characterized by being very controversial. Precisely, that was the characteristic that the production looked for to choose those who would be part of the program and Manelyk … Read more

Who is Kelvin Renteria ‘El Vaquero’, the new illusion of Manelyk González

1634750351 Who is Kelvin Renteria El Vaquero the new illusion of

Kelvin Renteria, better known as ‘El Vaquero’, is the member of “The home of the famous”Who is giving something to talk about after having become the leader of the week, which allows him to spend seven days in a luxurious suite; In addition to this benefit, he had the opportunity to choose a companion and … Read more