Manelyk González: Her beauty escapes her wardrobe in Las Estrellas Bailan en TODAY

Manelyk González: Beauty escapes from the locker room, dances in TODAY | INSTAGRAM The famous mexican model, Manelyk Gonzalezhas managed to stand out in various participations on television, to know and obtain his fame in the reality shows from mtv, ‘Acapulco Shore’however, now had the opportunity to participate in a new one, ‘The Stars Dance … Read more

Manelyk González confessed attraction to Christian Nodal: “He’s a daddy”

Manelyk confesses his attraction to Christian Nodal Photo: Special Infobae During the course of last March 2, the former member of Acapulco Shore, Manelyk Gonzalez, He offered a press conference to report on his next projects at the door. There, the model was also questioned by the press about her then relationship with Jawy Mendezbut … Read more

Manelyk González says that he likes Christian Nodal and throws a tremendous hint: “I can buy that ring ten times”

doManelyk Gonzalez will be declaring war on Belinda for Christian Nodal? There are no absolute certainties on this subject. Probably the statements of the model, businesswoman and influencer have nothing to do with the singer, and beyond wanting to hang on to this scandal, what he wanted to do is declare his deep admiration and … Read more

Jawy hinted at Manelyk about the engagement ring: “For some, what it costs is worth more than what it is worth”


The celebrities got engaged during a Mane birthday (Photo: Instagram) For more than half a year Jawy Mendez and Manelyk Gonzaleztwo of the oldest members of the reality show Acapulco Shore they ended their relationship. However, the controversy around the couple has not stopped, since one of the important points that has been around is … Read more

Manelyk González revealed humiliation of Celia Lora for friendship with Alicia Machado


Alicia Machado, Celia Lora and Manelyk González were participants in the reality show “La Casa de los Famosos” (Photos: Instagram/celi_lora/@manelyk_oficial/@machadooficial) Manelyk Gonzalez She has become one of the most popular Mexican influencers in the world of entertainment. The former participant of reality Acapulco Shore revealed how Celia Lora -who was one of her great friends- … Read more

Jawy was grateful that Manelyk returned the engagement ring: “A little wool that was going to be lost”


Jawy and Mane promised to marry each other at the end of the seventh season (Photos: Instagram@manelyk_oficial/@jawymendez_oficial) Manelyk Gonzalez Y Luis Alejandro Mendez “Jawy” They met in the first season of Acapulco Shore. Since then their relationship became closer and closer to the breaking point. promise marriage. The last episode of the seventh season closed … Read more

Manelyk claims to have a true friendship with Alicia Machado


Mezcaliente Manelyk González reveals sincere friendship with Alicia Machado The second finalist The House of the Famous, Manelyk González, claimed to have a true friendship with the actress Alicia Machado, all this after passing through the competition. Both took the title of the favorites of the public. After passing through the past People’s Choice Awards … Read more

Manelyk González: these are the influencer’s businesses


Courtesy Telemundo Manelyk González: these are the influencer’s businesses The Mexican influencer, Manelyk Gonzalez, she is not only the queen of reality shows but also a great businesswoman, she has been able to use her finances by investing in some ventures, but did you know what Mane’s business is? Here we tell you. The queen … Read more

What you should know about Manelyk González, former “Acapulco Shore” and contestant of “The House of the Famous”


Since the premiere of “The House of the Famous”, the reality of Telemundo, literally, is on fire due to the confrontations and crosswords between its participants that are characterized by being very controversial. Precisely, that was the characteristic that the production looked for to choose those who would be part of the program and Manelyk … Read more