Meet the $11,800,000 mansion that Britney Spears dangerously bought near her ex

Britney Spears started June with a brand new husband and house in Calabasas. Photo: Getty Images/Grosby Group Singer Britney Spears40, is going through a great moment on a personal level, because not only married Sam Ashgaribut also just bought an imposing mansion in The Oaks, Calabasas area, California. According to information from the TMZ portal, … Read more

Mansion that Shakira did not sell in Miami, the perfect refuge to live with their children

Shakira keeps her mansion in Miami Beach on one of the streets most coveted by celebrities, North Bay Road, which would be a special home if the rumor that she will return to live in Miami with her children Milan and Sasha comes true, after the announcement of his separation from the footballer of the … Read more

This is the mansion to which Shakira would move after separating from Piqué

The separation of Shakira and the soccer player Gerard Piqué has given to talk about many issues of the couple. International media show the mansion in which the singer would live after her breakup with the Spanish athlete. According to media, Shakira will no longer live in Barcelona, ​​where she has no family or friends, … Read more

Get to know the multi-million dollar mansion that Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck have just acquired to live as a family

The Mansion what did you guys buy Jennifer Lopez Y Ben Affleck It was Danny DeVito’s, it has 7 bedrooms, an 8-car garage and two guest houses. The second chance Jennifer Lopez Y Ben Affleck they decided to give themselves last year it seems that it is being a success that even the protagonists themselves … Read more

How much did the luxury mansion in which Amber Heard stayed during the trial cost?


Actress Amber Heard stayed in a luxurious mansion in Virginia Amber Heard settled in Virginia, where she took place the trial for defamation that Johnny Depp initiated against him. Shortly after it transpired that the actress had been found guilty, the amount she paid in monthly rent for the luxurious and huge mansion in which … Read more

Christian Nodal vs J Balvin, who has the most spectacular mansion?

The clash between J Balvin and Christian Nodal promises to continue giving a lot to talk about, although it all started with a simple and innocent joke by the Colombian reggaeton player, the fuse is already lit and it has sparked. To give a little flavor to this ‘nascent’ rivalry to see who has more … Read more

Amber Heard will move to a million dollar mansion in the California desert after the sentencing of the trial with Johnny Depp


Johnny Depp, 58, sued Amber Heard for $50 million Amber Heard will take a break in the desert after the trial with her ex-husband Johnny Depp, who sued her for USD 50 million in a defamation case. The 36-year-old actress plans to move to the California town of Joshua Tree, known for its hippie population … Read more

Sofia Vergara’s luxurious mansion worth about 26 million dollars

The life of Hollywood celebrities is very ostentatious. Cars by the ton, hundreds of dollars worth of jewelry, designer clothes and gigantic mansions are just a few of the luxuries owned by movie and TV stars. One of them is the Colombian Sofía Vergara, who in 2020 acquired a huge house together with her husband, … Read more

Resident says goodbye to his ‘imperialist life’ by getting rid of his criticized mansion in Encino


Residente is looking to sell the mansion he bought in Encino less than two years ago. Photo: Getty Images/Google Maps Puerto Rican rapper Rene Perez44 years old and who is better known as Residentdecided to put up for sale the spectacular mansion he owns in Encino, Calif. The property, for which in October 2020 paid … Read more

Adele shows her new mansion, ex-property of Sylvester Stallone, where she lives with her boyfriend

He bought it last January, but now he can finally enjoy it and show it off. This Wednesday the singer Adele has shown on Instagram his new mansion in Beverly Hills, former property of Sylvester Stallone and for which he has disbursed 58 million dollars (about 55 million euros at current exchange rates). He has … Read more