Mariana Torres enjoyed her exotic honeymoon in the United Arab Emirates

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What Claudio Caniggia declared in his investigation for alleged sexual abuse of Mariana Nannis

The case for sexual abuse began in February 2020 Claudio Paul Caniggia turned on the Zoom app on his notebook around 10 a.m. The prosecutor was waiting for him on the other side Charles Velarde to take an investigative statement in the case of alleged sexual abuse that has his ex-wife as a victim Mariana … Read more

Geraldine Bazán dazzles with a yellow pearl dress at Mariana Torres’ wedding


Geraldine Bazán dazzles in a yellow dress with pearls at Mariana Torres’ wedding. | PHOTO: INSTAGRAM Like a fairy tale princess, the gorgeous actress from the Netflix series, 100 days to fall in love, Geraldine Bazandazzled with yellow dress of pearls at the wedding of Mariana Torres, who became the wife of her great love … Read more

Mariana Garza can detect sexual infidelities with her sense of smell


Mariana was married for more than ten years to actor Pablo Perroni (photo: Instagram/@garza_alardin_marian) The topic of infidelity is one of the most popular in meetings between friends, and now it came up for discussion in Yordi Rosado’s program where he had as a guest Mariana Garza. Although the member of Timbiriche She has been … Read more

Mariana Nannis broke down in tears when talking about Claudio Caniggia: “He threatened me, he couldn’t file a complaint while he was forcibly raping me”


Claudio Caniggia and Mariana Nannis were married for 30 years and divorced in the midst of a scandal Mariana Nannis broke the silence after the Justice imputed and summoned her ex-husband, Claudio Caniggiain the case that follows him for alleged sexual abuse: the investigated event would have happened in May 2018 in one of the … Read more

The story of Mariana Nannis and Claudio Caniggia: a high-profile 30-year relationship that ended in a case for alleged sexual abuse


Mariana Nannis and Claudio Caniggia “It was 4:30 in the morning and (since) I didn’t want to have sex with my husband, he grabbed me and hit me. Afterwards, he slept with me”. In November 2019, Mariana Nannis denounced her ex-husband, Claudio Paul Caniggia by sexual abuse, aggravated injuries and abortion without consent. “I already … Read more

This is the house to which Mariana Levy’s son moved after being run by ‘El Pirru’


Joseph Emilio, who is the son of the deceased Mariana Levi and of Jose Maria Fernandez ‘El Pirru’, announced in an interview that he decided to break all ties with his father, after he kicked him out of the house they shared in Cuernavaca, Morelos. He confessed this in an exclusive talk he had with … Read more

Son of Mariana Levy and “El Pirru” left his father’s house and Ana Bárbara offered him to live with her


The youngest son of Mariana Levy and “El Pirru” decided to leave home to live with his grandmother (Photo: YouTube Screenshot/Image Entertainment) Jose Emilio Fernandezthe son of Mariana Levy and Jose Maria Fernandez the pirrurevealed that he has decided leave his father’s house because their relationship is seriously broken. He currently lives with his grandmother, … Read more

Talina Fernández and Ana Bárbara, the other mothers that Mariana Levy’s son is grateful to have had


Unlike his sisters, María and Paula, who made a dramatic display of dislocation in their adolescence, José Emilio Fernández Levy, the only son of the tragic and well-remembered actress Mariana Levy, who was just over a year old when his mother died — he was born on July 7, 2004 and Mariana died of a … Read more