Maribel Guardia confessed that she receives more “compliments” from her younger followers: “They are very flirty”

(Photo: EFE/Maribel Guardia) On the eve of his 63rd birthday, Maribel Guardia He shared an emotional message to celebrate another year of life where he highlighted the beauty he retains despite his age. Thus, in a recent intervention he spoke of this curious post that caused a stir and surprised locals and strangers. And it … Read more

Full of brilliance, Maribel Guardia looks gorgeous in an elegant dress for a gala

Maribel Guardia looks gorgeous in an elegant dress for a gala | INSTAGRAM Surely you already know very well Maribel Guardiathe famous Costa Rican artist who does not stop showing off on her social networks, beautiful to her 63 years recently fulfilled, the famous has been in constant communication with her fans and sharing the … Read more

5 PHOTOS of Maribel Guardia that show her RADICAL physical change at 63

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Maribel Guardia defended Vicente Fernández after accusations of truncating careers: “No one does that, not even friends”

Photos: Cuartoscuro // Instagram @maribelguardia Maribel Gardia defended Vicente Fernández against accusations that position him as the alleged person responsible for having truncated the career of Mexican artists, recalled some experiences of empathy that he lived with the singer and shared his point of view regarding the decision he made The Mexican Institute of Industrial … Read more

With profound elegance, Maribel Guardia shows off a great figure in a navy blue dress

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Andrés García: the time he pulled out a gun and Maribel Guardia prevented him from doing something crazy

the time that Maribel Guardia prevented Andrés García from committing a crime, apparently it is not a myth. The 80-year-old actor commented in a recent interview that working together with actress Maribel Guardia, beyond being friends and having a good relationship, has not always been easy. Andres Garcia He cataloged his former co-star in the … Read more

The time Maribel Guardia prevented Andrés García from going to jail: “I was going to kill the director”

The actress told an episode that she lived with the actor (Ig: maribelguardia / andresgarciatvoficial) Maribel Guardia and Andres Garcia they carry one friendship of many yearshowever, this connection was recently questioned because the actor claimed that for a time it was difficult to work with the actress from crown of tears 2 And it … Read more

After being bald, Maribel Guardia impresses with this photo: How is she?

Getty Images Maribel Guardia Maribel Guardia never ceases to amaze to his more than 7 million followers on Instagram. And it is that after last week will be totally baldclaiming that he had shaved his head for a new television project, which actually turned out to be the effect of a filterthe former queen again … Read more

65-year-old model beats Maribel Guardia in a swimsuit; she shows off her gray hair and wrinkles with dignity

The canons of beauty have changed in recent years, and it is largely due to the fact that there are people who have not been concerned about breaking stereotypes. An example is Yazemeenah Rossi, the 65-year-old model who even surpassed Maribel Guardia in a swimsuit, as she did so wearing her gray hair and wrinkles. … Read more

Maribel Guardia suffers from an illness that makes her feel drugged and prevents her from drinking water

Maribel assured that the water ‘washes away’ the sodium from her body (Photo: EFE/Maribel Guardia) After the singer Yuri suffered his first coronavirus infection in 2020which caused the COVID-19 disease, the jarocha was able to overcome it, but shortly after began to suffer the symptoms of a disease known as dysautonomia, which could be a … Read more