Wanda Nara and Maxi López reached an agreement after years of legal battles: the details

Wanda Nara and Maxi López when they were a couple The agreement between Wanda Nara Y Maxi Lopez through which, the businesswoman considers settled the debts that the former player has with her for the maintenance of the children in common, valentine, constantine Y Benedict. The media was the one who last year made the … Read more

Kate del Castillo premieres romance with Maxi Iglesias in this production


Mexican actress and producer Kate of the Castle and the Spanish gallant maxi churches They have everything ready to debut their courtship in public and give life to a romantic relationship that, for sure, will make people talk. In fact, and each on their own, the two artists referred to their brand new bond. And … Read more

Like a barbie in a maxi dress, “La Chule” leaves you speechless


Aracely Arámbula adjusts micro waist and opens her black dress | Instagram Aracely Arambula, wears a tight black dress that marked her small waist and with which “chihuahuan“showed what was beyond a large skirt. The singer, Aracely Arambula, tried once more because the nickname “The Chule“It is more than good for her, it was a … Read more

The truth behind the sudden good relationship between Wanda Nara and Maxi López


Wanda Nara and Maxi López separated in 2013 In eight years they went through different situations: separation, scandal, divorce, public accusations, complaints for non-compliance with the food quota, for the visitation regime, for preventing contact with their children. And other issues that probably have not been leaked publicly. Since Wanda nara and Maxi lopez They … Read more

Ana Rosenfeld referred to the millionaire dispute between Wanda Nara and Maxi López: “They have decided to end all lawsuits”


Wanda Nara and Maxi López Since their separation in 2013, Wanda Nara and Maxi López, parents of Valentino, Constantino and Benedicto, have constantly held legal disputes in Argentina and Italy for different reasons: the visitation regime, the food quota and bans on speaking to the media. In the last days It transpired that the businesswoman … Read more

More problems for Wanda Nara: she will have to pay a millionaire figure to Maxi López


More problems for Wanda Nara: she will have to pay a millionaire figure to Maxi Lopez In 2013, through his lawyers, Maxi López encouraged Wanda Nara not to speak publicly about her divorce, if she did not want to face a high fine in dollars. When this precautionary measure was filed, the representative of the … Read more

In the midst of the separation from Wanda Nara, Maxi López and his girlfriend strengthen their relationship: they get married and will they be parents?


Maxi López and Daniela Christiansson In May Daniela Christiansson had her birthday and her boyfriend, Maxi López, Wanda Nara’s ex-partner, gave her a very special gift: he gave her a ring and proposed to her. Five months later and while his ex, Wanda Nara, defines her sentimental future with Mauro Icardi, the couple are preparing … Read more