Matthew McConaughey surprised Reese Witherspoon: he confessed that he was in love with her

Matthew McConaughey confessed to Reese Witherspoon that he had a crush on her Matthew McConaughey Y Reese witherspoon they went to the program ‘Ellen DeGeneres Show ‘ to talk about the launch of “Sing 2”, an animated film that has them both as protagonists. During the talk, the Oscar-winning actor ended up confessing that he … Read more

How changed are the children! Matthew McConaughey and his wife go for a family premiere

It is a film intended for the family and that is precisely how one of its protagonists has arrived, accompanied by his. The actor Matthew McConaughey attended the premiere from the second part of the animated film Sings!, where he once again voices the character of Buste, accompanied by his wife Camila Alves, 39, and … Read more