Facundo Arana and Romina Gaetani met with their lawyers: the details of the meeting

Facundo Arana and Romina Gaetani reached an agreement: the word of their lawyers (LAM, America) Friday night Romina Gaetani Y Facundo Arana met at a hotel in the Puerto Madero area to chat with their respective lawyers. One week after the actress said about a strong argument she had with the actor a few years … Read more

Juan Soler officially presented his girlfriend: the photos of their romantic meeting

At the beginning of 2021, Juan Soler revealed that he gave love a new chance. The Argentine actor kept for more than a year the anonymity of his new girlfriendbut finally decided to show the woman that makes him so happy. Two years after his divorce with Maki Moguilevsky, Juan Soler decided to fall in … Read more

Prince Harry revealed details of his secret meeting with Queen Elizabeth II: “We talk about things you can’t talk about with anyone else”

The prince refused to speak of his father, Prince Charles and his brother William, and does not know if he will attend the Queen’s Jubilee due to “security fears”, but insists that he remains Her Majesty’s closest confidant (Reuters ) In his last interview on American television, The Duke of Sussex refused to speak about … Read more

Henry of England, on his meeting with Elizabeth II a year later: “I wanted to make sure she was protected”


When a member of a royal family opens his mouth to the press, the chances of mistakes, mistakes, blunders or misunderstandings are many. Among others, due to the lack of custom, because the expectation is great and because words are limited in space and time, with no possibility of reply in the most sensitive issues. … Read more

Lety Calderón reveals details of the meeting between her son and Marjorie de Sousa: “She was shocked”


Last April 6 Marjorie deSousa He announced through his social networks that the long-awaited meeting with Luciano Colladoson of the actress Lety Calderonso he did not hesitate to share the emotional moment in which he received an engagement ring that sealed their friendship. However, now it was the Mexican actress who shared some details of … Read more

“She was shocked”: Lety Calderón gives details of her son’s meeting with Marjorie de Sousa


Lucianothe son of Lety Calderón and the lawyer Juan Collado, fulfilled his greatest dream by meeting Marjorie de Sousa, the “love of his life” on April 6. The soap opera stars and their respective children had a meeting in a restaurant in Mexico City and shared the moment through Instagram in a “live”. Excited, the … Read more

Guillermo Francella recounted his meeting with Fidel Castro: “He told me the best phrase I’ve heard for years”


Guillermo Francella and Fidel Castro had an intimate meeting in Havana, in 2003 This week William Francella visited Miguel Granados in the first program of the third season of Play room (ESPN3). There and before the questions of the son of Pablo Granados, the protagonist of Hail He told hilarious anecdotes that he lived throughout … Read more

The best memes of Galilea Montijo for the meeting of Yalitza Aparicio and Superholly


Yalitza met SuperHolly in a cafeteria in Mexico City (Photo: IG @hollyradio) Galilea Montijo became a Twitter trend after Yalitza Aparicio and super holly got together to record a collaboration. The reactions of the tweeters did not wait because a few days ago the television presenter, the actress and the youtuber were involved in the … Read more

In photos: from the meeting between Leonardo DiCaprio and Orlando Bloom to the theatrical premiere of Sarah Jessica Parker


This weekend, celebrities in Hollywood put aside their working life to dedicate themselves to enjoying themselves with their family and doing activities where the center was themselves. In Los Angeles, New York or Miami, the stars plan activities that are relegated during the week due to work commitments. Leonardo DiCaprio, Orlando Bloom, Kate Moss and … Read more

Danna Paola and Anna Wintour together: this was the meeting that has caused a furor on social networks


The actress shared the moment (Photos: Instagram/@dannapaola/@harpersbazaarmx) Danna Paola continues to position herself as one of the most successful Mexican figures in recent times and this time the singer did not hesitate to use her account Instagram to share one of her greatest achievements: sitting in a fashion show inches from Anna Wintour. In social … Read more