Alejandro Sanz’s message for Shakira that aroused suspicion

Alejandro Sanz shared an old video with Shakira – Credits: @Video Capture Alejandro Sanz and Shakira They always had a close relationship. Both share the same passion for their profession and in 2005 they recorded their first song together, which was a success in Spain and Latin America: “Torture”, a heartbreak song starring the Colombian … Read more

Ricky Martin surprised, sending a message of encouragement to Shakira

Shakira announced with Gerard Piqué that they are separating; In addition, her father is in a process of recovering health. These two situations mark the present of the Colombian singer, who has received messages of support. The interpreter is also going through a complex moment due to the health status of her father, who in … Read more

Benjamín Vicuña’s response to China Suárez’s message about his role as a father

The actress had published a tweet that was interpreted as a claim about his role as a father and the Chilean actor spoke about it end of may Eugenia The China Suarez He put aside the low profile that he had been holding in recent weeks and posted several messages on Twitter about media harassment … Read more

The message of the sister of Amber Heard after the verdict of the trial of Johnny Depp: “I know what I saw”

Amber Heard with her sister leave the Fairfax County Courthouse after hearing the verdict (Reuters) The jury of the legal battle that took place in the court of Fairfax (Virginia, United States) determined that Johnny Depp and his ex-wife, Amber Heard, defamed each otherbut ended with actor victory. Days after the verdict was announced, Amber … Read more

The painful night Katy Perry was asked for a divorce with a text message at the worst time

After 14 months they divorced Reuters Katy Perry It is part of the most important female cultural references in the history of pop culture. Despite the fact that she became one of the icons in the most commercial and important musical genre in the world, she is also a composer, actress, model and even a … Read more

The ironic message of Agustina Agazzani after Rusherking and China Suárez whitewashed their romance


The model posted a video on Tik Tok that her followers interpreted as a hint to the 22-year-old ragpicker, with whom she was romantically linked Since rushing formalized his courtship with Eugenia The China Suarez and told details of his love story with the ex Almost angels, the repercussions continue to be the order of … Read more

Video: “Your happiness is the most important thing”, a message from Carmen Villalobos sets fire to the breakup rumors


Carmen Villalobos and Sebastián Caicedo said goodbye to Colombia and started a new life in Miami. Photo: Instagram Rumors about a separation between Carmen Villalobos and Sebastián Caicedo continue to haunt social networks, because although neither of them has confirmed such a situation, the truth is that the actress did refer to the subject a … Read more

Message from Carmen Villalobos to Sebastián Caicedo sharpens rumors of rupture

Since the beginning of the year it has been rumored that Carmen Villalobos and Sebastián Caicedo are no longer together. At first, the actress from ‘Café’ explained that they were separated because of the coronavirus, since they were infected at different times, so they had to isolate themselves. However, as the days went by, the … Read more

Rusherking’s birthday celebration and China Suárez’s message: “Love”

China Suárez and Rusherking were seen together again, this time on the singer’s birthday Saturday Rusherking turned 22 and celebrated it in a bar surrounded by friends and artists. Once again, social networks left a trace of the virtual coincidences that link him to Eugenia The China Suarezwith whom he was seen very caramelized in … Read more