“Today I kissed the stage”: Honduras sees the “Mexican regional” fall, there would be consequences

Christian Nodal takes a wrong step on stage in Honduras | Instagram Christian Nodal would have taken a wrong step during his recent presentation from Honduras in the middle of his “Outlaw” tour, his fans in that region would see the “sonorense” fall resoundingly. It would be on stage where the singer, Christian Nodal He … Read more

Esmeralda Pimentel: the popular Mexican actress who shouts from the rooftops her pride in having Dominican blood

As soon as he identified my Dominican accent, his face lit up, he opened his beautiful green eyes and shouted: “banana power!”. This is how the interview began. actress and model Emerald Pimentel with Free Journal during the coverage of platinum awardsheld in Madrid, where she was in charge of presenting a category. Born in … Read more

To the cry of “Viva México”, Belinda interprets a Mexican song with feeling

Belinda plays a cappella El Rey, in a program from Spain | Instagram Belinda brings out his Mexican roots in a program from Spain in which, among other moments, he performs a cappella one of the songs that has become an anthem: “The king“. The singer Belinda He had a very special detail towards Mexico, … Read more

“I am famous, get me out of here!”: when it opens, what is the new Mexican reality show about

Aztec TV He has been preparing a new reality show that promises a lot of emotions, actions and fun. The announcement made by the Ajusco television station a few days ago left its viewers more than expectant, and it is that the opportunity to see 12 celebrities in extreme situations competing and living together in … Read more

“I thought, I can do that”: Teresa Ruíz, the Mexican actress who is succeeding in Hollywood


IE 11 is not supported. For an optimal experience visit our site on another browser. UP NEXT Johnny Depp sues his ex for defamation and asks for millionaire compensation 01:52 Carmen Villalobos, Gregorio Pernía and Sebastián Martínez grace the cover of People en Español 02:35 Juan Soler, Cristián de la Fuente and Horacio Pancheri celebrate … Read more

From the video scandal to justice: Kim Kardashian asks for help for a Mexican sentenced to death


The socialite has become a fighter for social causes (Photos: Instagram/@kimkardashian/ Twitter/@thekardashnms) Surname kardashian it has become synonymous with glamour, wealth, girl power and fame. But none of that empire would be possible without the participation of kim within the family nucleus made up mostly of women, because despite the fact that they were always … Read more

Will Smith accused of violence by Mexican actor: “The sick abuse was hell”


Will Smith’s slap to Chris Rock was not an isolated case, a former Mexican partner of the actor narrated a terrible episode that he lived with him. As expected, the episode of the slap to Chris Rock was not a unique event of the temperament of Will Smith, one of his former partners in the … Read more

Mexican artists: short, but pretty


Mexican artists: short, but pretty | INSTAGRAM SPECIAL Mexican artists: short, but pretty. Television or photographs reveal the beautiful silhouettes of Mexican celebrities and confirm that they look spectacular. Although in reality the height of some mexican celebrities most famous goes from 1.55 to almost 1.65 meters. Mexican actresses stand out for their constant publications … Read more

Lupita D’Alessio and Carlos Reinoso: the scandalous romance that left its mark on Mexican entertainment


We cannot talk about the 1980s in Mexico without referring to the ardent, passionate, aggressive and scandalous love that Lupita D’Alessio and Chilean Carlos Reinoso experienced, challenging the world. Lupita D’Alessio. (Photo by Adrián Monroy/Media and Media/Getty Images) There has never been such an explosive relationship between a singer/actress and a soccer idol like the … Read more

Impossible to guess: who is the most popular Mexican on Instagram


Today, stars from various fields such as entertainment, music, sports, and politics use social media to reach more and more people around the world. Instagram It is perhaps the most chosen platform for the stars to expose some flashes of their professional life there, and it also sometimes becomes a window into their private life. … Read more