The story of “El Güero” Castro and how he became the most influential TV producer in Mexico

1637637434 The story of El Guero Castro and how he became

When José Alberto Sainz Castro was very young, his older sister, Verónica, was already beginning to stand out in TV and cinema, professionally, although she was still very attached to the family headed by her mother, Dona Socorro, who had raised his eldest children, Veronica, Fausto and Beatriz, with a lot of effort. Being the … Read more

Livia Brito and Miss Mexico, Débora Hallal in a duel of red dresses goddess mode

Livia Brito and Miss Mexico Debora Hallal in a duel

Livia Brito and Miss Mexico, Débora Hallal in a duel in red goddess dresses. | PHOTO: SPECIAL Wasting beauty from head to toe, the Cuban actress from The soulless, Livia brito, and the Miss Mexico Debora Hallal, dueling in red goddess dresses, they make more than one sigh and leave more than one breathless. Both … Read more

Who is the actor of Ramón Arellano Félix in “Narcos: México”

1636889488 Who is the actor of Ramon Arellano Felix in Narcos

For sure, “Narcos: Mexico”Has become one of the series more views of Netflix since it was released in November 2018. Although, the third season has already aired and it is still unknown if there will be a fourth, although everything would indicate that yes; The truth is that the success of this production, in addition … Read more

Exatlón México: Ernesto Cázares shared the first photos of his newborn son

Exatlon Mexico Ernesto Cazares shared the first photos of his

Ernesto Cazares participated in Exatlón México (Photo: Instagram@ernest.cazares) This October 30, the athlete shared the first photos of his baby on his Instagram account, showing from the process on the way to the hospital until the moment he held his son in his arms. The baby’s name is Luciano, the little one had no complications … Read more

Itatí reveals what will happen to the historic house of Roberto Cantoral in Mexico City

Itati reveals what will happen to the historic house of

Itatí Cantoral announced that his parents’ house could be turned into a museum. Photo: Google Maps / Mezcalent In recent days the Cantoral family has given much to talk about after making known what they plan to do with the properties that belonged to the great Roberto CantoralWell, they not only shared that They contemplate … Read more

“Bad news” for the “Sol de México”? Says “La Chule” on video

Bad news for the Sol de Mexico Says La Chule

Aracely Arámbula, it’s “Bad News” for Luis Miguel | Instagram Aracely Arambula reappears in a new video that he shares on Instagram: I have “Bad news” says the “The Chule“They could be for Luis Miguel. The television actress, Aracely Arambula, reappeared in one of his videos on Instagram and his message would not please the … Read more

Frankie Muniz from ‘Malcom in the Middle’ visited Mexico: this is what he does now

Frankie Muniz from Malcom in the Middle visited Mexico this

The series returned to the Star Plus screens exclusively Photo: Instagram / @ malcolmvfofficiel The American actor, Frankie Muniz, traveled to Mexico City. Best known for playing Malcom on the show Malcom in the Middle (Malcolm in the middle), hit comedy by the defunct Fox -now Star Plus- , the actor was in Mexico after … Read more