The young girlfriends that Leonardo DiCaprio has had and the mockery at the Oscars

During the 2022 Oscar awards, jokes about other actors were present. Amy Schumer spoke about Leonardo DiCaprio in her awards opening monologue. His joke about ‘Don’t Look Up’, caused more than one of the attendees to be left with their mouths open.“Leonardo DiCaprio is doing a lot for the planet. He will leave it in … Read more

SHOWED HIS MEATS! Chiquis opens her raincoat shamelessly to show off the body ‘that God gave her’ but causes mockery (VIDEO)

Without shame, Chiquis Rivera shows off her legs in transparent stockings Comments are divided between social networks Chiquis Rivera assures that he would like to return to the year in which his mother passed away Without fear of success? The singer and daughter of Jenni Rivera, Chiquis Rivera continues to give something to talk about … Read more