Cande Ruggeri is pregnant: the moment her father, Oscar, unintentionally reveals it on the air

Oscar Ruggeri revealed that his daughter Candela is pregnant Cande Ruggeri she is expecting her first child. However, it was not she who gave the happy news to her public or on her social networks where she has almost two million followers, but his dad Oscar, who accidentally escaped. Everything passed like every day in … Read more

Sofía Zámolo’s awkward moment when remembering her relationship with David Nalbandian: “I was dating, he doesn’t know”

Sofía Zámolo spoke about her relationship with Nalbandian Sofia Zamolo An awkward moment passed after Show Partners asked him as a result of another topic, if it had ever happened to him that a couple did not publicly “whitewash” her and she was surprised to say yes, and to refer to her relationship with former … Read more

Juan Soler: how was the difficult moment he lived with Itatí Cantoral in “La mexicana y el güero”

What happened to Juan Soler? The Argentine actor returned to the small screen with “The Mexican and the güero”a TelevisaUnivision telenovela in which he starred alongside Itatí Cantoral. Both had a great joint work that was replicated in fiction. However, there was a moving moment that both lived behind the scenes and that the interpreter … Read more

Creepy television moment: Flor de la V was shocked after a medium named her dead mother

The driver of Intruders was shocked and could not help but get excited in front of the cameras All kinds of unexpected situations happen on live TV shows. This Friday afternoon V flower lived a very emotional and creepy moment in the program intruders (America) when I was interviewing Noelia Pace, a medium and astrologer. … Read more

Louis Tomlinson sneaks into a wedding in Costa Rica and gives the bride and groom an unforgettable moment


British singer-songwriter Louis Tomlinson had a great time on June 4 in Costa Rica, one night before he will present his show at Parque Viva. What for him was a good time, for the Garnier Hernández family it became an unforgettable event. The former One-Direction, 30, crashed his wedding. It sounds unreal, but it was, … Read more

Nicole Kidman in a tender moment with husband Keith Urban; he interrupts her concert to pick up his sack

australian actress Nicole Kidman just starred in tender moment next to her husband, country singer Keith Urban, take the stage and take the microphone for a sweet interaction between them in front of the entire audience. The moment was captured by several cameras and uploaded to social networks by himself. Keith Urban, melting hearts with … Read more

Diego Boneta and Renata Notni have not married because of COVID-19: “The only thing we have is the moment”


Diego Boneta and Renata Notni have been around since 2020 Photo: Instagram/@diego Diego Bonet Y Renata Notni They have become one of the most commented couples on social networks and the media thanks to the fact that they are considered one of the “relationship goals” that every member of the show business or the general … Read more

Lis Vega recalled the difficult moment she went through when she found out that she could not be a mother due to an illness

Lis Vega was born on October 20, 1977 in Havana, Cuba. He is currently 44 years old. (Photo: Instagram/@lisvegaoficial) Lis Vega confessed that currently it is no longer within her plans to become a mother after during her youth she tried to get pregnant, but could not get it due to illness. The dancer opened … Read more

“For him it was also a dream”: Francisca reveals the moment she saw Francesco cry on her wedding day

After your big wedding in the Dominican Republic, Francisca returned to Wake up America. Happy to have fulfilled one more dream, the Dominican shared details of her relationship with Francescowho said he cried when he saw a very special moment, in addition to being honest about having enjoyed this magical day with his mother. “He … Read more

“La Chule” is captured in a unique moment in nature


Aracely Arámbula elegant in a blue dress in the middle of nature | Instagram Aracely Arambulashows her most tender side in a postcard that she shares from her Instagram account in which she appears in a blue dress while sharing a moment in nature. The recognized “TV actress“, Aracely Arambulawho has collaborated for Televisa and … Read more