Camilo and Evaluna Montaner are in Mexico in the company of Indigo

Evaluna Montaner and Camilo Echeverry got married in February 2020. (Photo: Instagram @evaluna) Camilo and Evaluna are visiting Mexico after about two months from the birth of Indigo. The famous couple that has conquered the public with their songs and love story surprised their fans by appearing with their little daughter on the occasion of … Read more

Ricardo Montaner and Marcelo Tinelli shared an intimate family barbecue: “Wonderful Sunday afternoon”

The Tinelli and Montaner families enjoyed a barbecue at Nordelta This Sunday, Ricardo Montaner Y Marcelo Tinelli They joined their families and decided to share an intimate barbecue in the house that the singer has in Nordelta. Far from any television “rivalry” – last year they competed hand in hand each with their program, The … Read more

The reason why Evaluna Montaner does not change the diapers of Indigo, her son with Camilo

The arrival of Indigo has revolutionized the lives of Camilo Y Evaluate Montaner completely. The marriage of singers has been facing their first experience as parents with great emotion and momentum, and the Colombian singer detailed part of the daily routine that he and his wife carry out to take care of his firstborn. During … Read more

Like two drops of water! This is the resemblance between Evaluna Montaner and Camilo’s ex-girlfriend

Although neither of the two celebrities has given a statement about it, the fans have not missed the opportunity to highlight the great physical resemblance between Evaluna and her husband’s ex-girlfriend, Camilo. It is no secret to anyone that today, celebrities have become the focus of the entire world by announcing the birth of their … Read more

Evaluna Montaner with Indigo and other celebrities who chose neutral names for their children

In October 2021, Evaluate Monanter Y Camilo Echeverry announced that they were expecting their first baby with a song titled “Indigo”. The singers surprised the public with the good news but also because of her name, which they decided to give her even without knowing if she would be a girl or a boy. MORE … Read more

Indigo, the baby of Evaluna and Camilo, will NOT bear the surname Montaner for this REASON

Eva Luna and Camilo The hours are already counting to receive her first child, Indigo, because at this point in your advanced pregnancy, the baby could be born at any time. The couple, as well as their families, are impatiently awaiting the arrival of this new member, however in recent days the announcement that Ricardo … Read more

Evaluna Montaner and Camilo: the person that Indigo will not be able to meet

Evaluate Montaner and Camilo they are counting down the days to the birth of their first Indigo child. Although the couple is happy and excited about this new stage of their lives as parents, they are also going through a difficult time due to the departure of a special person. MORE INFORMATION: How Evaluna Montaner … Read more

Evaluna Montaner and Camilo, their great love lessons

Evaluna Montaner and Camilo, their great lessons in love. | instagram special Evaluna Montaner and Camilo They are one of the couples of the moment. After two years of marriage, they are now preparing to be parents and their followers could not be more excited, because together they have shown that it is worth believing … Read more

The reason why the son of Camilo and Evaluna will not bear the surname Montaner

Camilo and Evaluna will be parents at the end of March (Instagram) The family of Ricardo Montaner it is so united, that they have even come to refer to it as a “sect”. And the singer himself joked that they met all the characteristics to be. For this reason, in the last hours many were … Read more