Pamela Silva opens her heart and narrates the painful accident her baby suffered

It was in April 2020, when Pamela Silva welcomed the little Ford Liam, as the famous Univisión journalist has been in charge of sharing how her debut in motherhood has been. And it is that the famous presenter of “First Impact” has placed her baby as a true celebrity, as she has won the hearts … Read more

SINISTER PRESENCE IN YOUR HOME. Ana Patricia haunted? narrates on the verge of crying, terrifying experience: “I feel like I’m going to die.” (VIDEO)

Does Ana Patricia Gámez live in a haunted house? The Mexican former host of Enamorándonos USA recounted a terrifying experience It all happened when she was pregnant with her son Gael, in 2018 The artists live experiences that do not necessarily always make the people who follow them know and on this occasion it was … Read more