Pablo Montero has contracts and projects canceled after attending Nicolás Maduro’s birthday

Pablo Montero has contracts and projects canceled after attending Nicolas

Pablo Montero it is found in a complicated moment, after having traveled to Venezuela to entertain the party of Nicolás Maduro’s birthday, president of the South American country. Mariana Gutiérrez, the singer’s lawyer, explained that the Mexican made the decision to attend without consulting you with his work team, which brought him strong consequences, such … Read more

The reason why Ester Expósito exploded against China Suárez was known: he called Nicolás Furtado again

The reason why Ester Exposito exploded against China Suarez was

Nico Furtado, China Suárez and Ester Exposito The China Suárez had an affair with Nico Furtado, but the relationship did not prosper and the actor began dating Ester Exposito. The couple already whitewashed the courtship through social networks when the Spanish actress published a selfie with the protagonist of The Marginal at a Halloween celebration … Read more

Romance confirmed: Ester Exposito’s selfie with Nicolás Furtado at the Halloween party

Romance confirmed Ester Expositos selfie with Nicolas Furtado at the

Ester Exposito and Nico Furtado Although Halloween It is already a memory, social networks are still receiving the tail of the Halloween festivities. Halfway between terror and fun the costumes come from different parts of the world and the curious crowd to see how the famous celebrated the party. And in some cases, between blood, … Read more

How was and how long the relationship between China Suárez and Nicolás Furtado lasted, prior to the scandal with Wanda Nara and Mauro Icardi

How was and how long the relationship between China Suarez

La China Suárez and Nicolás Furtado Just separated from Benjamín Vicuña the China Suárez traveled to Spain for work with her children Rufina, Magnolia and Amancio. His days in Madrid alternated filming with walks, until he exploded the scandal between Wanda Nara and Mauro Icardi which has her as third in contention after the businesswoman … Read more

Exclusive: Nicolás Furtado’s ex-girlfriend broke the silence, after he was linked to China Suárez

Exclusive Nicolas Furtados ex girlfriend broke the silence after he was

China Suárez, Nico Furtado and Josefina Presno Every day more characters are added to the novel that began on Saturday after Wanda Nara left Mauro Icardi after having found compromising chats between him and China Suárez. After the ex Almost angels was designated as the third in discord, it was also said that she was … Read more