“With influences and lawyers”: For hanging out with Belinda, Nodal would pay more consequences

Belinda and her family go after Christian Nodal “they will sue him” | Instagram Belinda and his family would be willing to act against Christian Nodal and would do so legally, as would have transpired a few days ago. They recently confirmed that the “naturalized mexican” and his family are already in meetings with lawyers. … Read more

Lina Tejeiro joined the fight between J Balvin and Chrstian Nodal with a controversial comment

The plainswoman joined Residente, Maluma and Espinosa Paz, as the celebrities who gave their opinion on the conflict | Photos: Instagram Since several days J Balvin Y Christian Nodal they surprised their followers, due to a strong exchange of comments that began thanks to the burlesque comment with which the Colombian singer referred to his … Read more

Nodal against Balvin: the best phrases from “the unmentionable” to Residente, Johnny Depp and his retirement

Although the song Christian Nodal against J Balvin came out later than expectedthe video of Sunflower already reached more than 1 million 200 thousand reproductions on YouTube in less than 20 hours. Nodal belongs to the Mexican regional genre, but his rap song premiered in the early hours of June 4 and is an explicit … Read more

Nodal confesses that he regrets launching the song against J Balvin and says that they have already “fixed”

Christian Nodal He kept his millions of followers in anticipation by warning that he would release a song to “destroy” J Balvinwhom he accused of having teased him for his new look. The theme was released through YouTube on June 4, which titled as ‘Sunflower’, where he throws him hard and highlights his alleged incongruity … Read more

Christian Nodal vs J Balvin, who has the most spectacular mansion?

The clash between J Balvin and Christian Nodal promises to continue giving a lot to talk about, although it all started with a simple and innocent joke by the Colombian reggaeton player, the fuse is already lit and it has sparked. To give a little flavor to this ‘nascent’ rivalry to see who has more … Read more

What was the reason for the fight between Christian Nodal and J Balvin?

Christian Nodal Y J Balvin they staged a fight on social media that left all Internet users speechless, because what seemed like a joke escalated to ridicule, hints and annoyance by the singers. Remember that a few months ago, J Balvin was involved in a fight with Resident, after the reggaeton player made a call … Read more

They are fighting! What we know about the lawsuit between Christian Nodal and J Balvin


Resident likes this…. Surely they came across the news that J Balvin is a trend in social networks once again. And no, now it’s not because of some BZRP or hot dog session, it’s actually because of the new “lawsuit” that José has starred in with Christian Nodal… What?! It turns out that Christian Nodal … Read more

Video of Christian Nodal appears, Working in a store?


Belinda’s ex worked in a department store? The 23-year-old singer was recorded when he was a teenager Users on social networks have reacted to the new revelation Many celebrities did not have an easy start, some of them came to work as waiters or even dishwashers. The Mexican singer Christian Nodal at a very early … Read more

Christian Nodal: why he said that the Grammys are worth nothing

Christian Nodal added another scandal to his career despite his young age. In addition to the leaked message against his former partner Belinda and her mother, an unpublished audiovisual fragment has begun to go viral on all social networks. What is it about? MORE INFORMATION: Find out how much Christian Nodal spent on the gifts … Read more

Christian Nodal confessed to being tired of criticism after his breakup with Belinda: “I have regretted it from the heart”


Christian Nodal opened his heart in front of his followers Christian Nodal, after finding himself in the eye of the hurricane due to the most recent controversy in which he was involved after announcing various conversations he had with Belinda when they were still dating, he opened his heart and accepted all the mistakes he … Read more