What is the relationship between the cases of Debanhi Escobar and Octavio Ocaña

Following the comments of a seer, certain people were linked to the death of the actor Octavio Ocaña and the young Debanhi Escobar (Photo: Instagram/@octavioocaa / @debanhi.escobar) Although the cases of Octavio Ocana Y Debanhi Escobar they happened in different circumstances, there is a common thread that connects them. It’s about how the media treated … Read more

Witnesses to the death of Octavio Ocaña were threatened by the police: “They were afraid”

versions around actor’s death Octavio Ocana continue to give something to talk about, and although the authorities determined that the 22-year-old was the cause of his death by activating the firearm he was carrying, his sister makes new revelations in which he revealed the progress of the investigations that his family is doing. It was … Read more

Men who accompanied Octavio Ocaña on the day of his death reveal what happened

A few days after two months of the death of Octavio Ocaña, the investigations could take an important turn, because according to the lawyer for the Pérez Ocaña family, the men who were riding in the truck with the actor on the day of his death finally revealed what happened on October 29. It was … Read more

Octavio Ocaña truth: The alleged truth about Octavio Ocaña is revealed


Companions reveal the truth of the case of Octavio Ocaña Didn’t the actor shoot himself as the Prosecutor’s Office say? What did Octavio’s companions reveal? Did the actor ever draw his gun? The controversy continues and does not seem to leave the case of the late Mexican actor Octavio Ocaña, and it is that after … Read more

Octavio Ocaña: this is how his family and Nerea Godínez remembered this Christmas


PHOTO: Instagram / @ berthaocaa In the framework of the holidays, Bertha Ocana Y Nerea Godinez they remembered Octavio Ocana with some heartfelt messages that they shared on their respective social networks. The actor who conquered the Mexican public as “Benito Rivers” in Neighbors, He lost his life on October 29 in the municipality of … Read more

Nerea Godínez reappears dressed as a BRIDE, almost three months after the death of Octavio Ocaña


It was last October 30 when a tragic news woke up Mexico, the tender red-haired boy from “Necinos”, Octavio Ocaña, had died at the age of 22 after a gunshot to the head in the municipality of Cuautitlán, Izcalli. Many versions have come to light after the death of the actor, because according to the … Read more

Ocaña Family breaks the silence and talks about the heritage of “Benito Rivers”


It was last October 30 when one of the child stars of Televisa died, because over 16 years, Octavio Ocaña gave life to the tender child of the comedy series “Neighbors”, Octavio Ocaña. The death of the actor remains a true unknown, because so far the true reasons for his death have not been revealed, … Read more

Octavio Ocaña, your family changes lawyers. Betrayed?


Octavio Ocaña, your family changes lawyers. Betrayed? Recently, it has become known that the family of the famous actor Octavio Ocana He has decided to change his defense in the case that is still under investigation, something that has undoubtedly surprised millions of people. A little over a month after the loss of Octavio Ocaña, … Read more

Octavio Ocaña: Nerea Godínez revealed if her son is the heir to the actor’s fortune


A youtuber viralized the supposed testament that Octavio Ocaña left “because of his something happened to him” (Photo: Instagram/@nerea.gogo) On November 29, it was one month since the death of Octavio Ocana, young actor who received a gunshot wound to the head after being involved in a persecution with municipal police from Cuautitlán Izcalli, State … Read more

Feeling? The letter that Octavio Ocaña had left with the name of his HEIR


It was the morning of November 29 when the world woke up with the tragic news of the death of Octavio Ocaña, the actor who for 16 years gave life to the tender child of “Necinos”, “Benito Rivers”. Both actors and fans expressed the surprise that the news had generated, because the actor was 22 … Read more