Mauricio Ochmann responds emphatically to those who told him he looked like Consuelo Duval

At the beginning of May, the actor of ‘And how is he?’ She lent herself as a model for a cosmetics master class by the stylist Pepe Gutiérrez in order to raise funds for the Apadrina un transplant foundation and showed the result on his Instagram account. After revealing his transformation, some social network users … Read more

Mauricio Ochmann would not forgive an infidelity of Omar Chaparro with William Levy

Mauricio Ochman Y omar chaparro they do not share the same opinion about infidelity. After meeting in the movie “And how is he?” They can’t stop joking with each other. Although in the film the character of Chaparro is the lover of Ochmann’s wife, and he wants to take revenge on him, behind the scenes … Read more

Mauricio Ochmann spoke about his hard process in rehabilitation: “I faced all the consequences”

The actor said it was a turning point in his life (Photo: Getty Images) Mauricio Ochmann is an actor who has stood out for his charisma throughout his career, however, his personal life has not been without its difficult moments. On this occasion, that the protagonist of what the hell reflected during an interview with … Read more

Mauricio Ochmann and his ex Aislinn Derbez on vacation with Kailani: this is how the actor’s girlfriend reacted

Both histriones published fragments of the ride on their respective Instagram profiles and one of them highlighted the reaction of Paulina Burrola actor’s girlfriend. ” Pure life with this little princess“, Ochmann pointed out at the bottom of the snapshot in which he appears with little Kailani in his arms on a cliff on the … Read more

Mauricio Ochmann spends the weekend with Aislinn Derbez and his girlfriend teaches maturity


Mauricio Ochmann spends the weekend with Aislinn Derbez and his girlfriend teaches maturity. | instagram special Mauricio Ochmann spends the weekend with Aislinn Derbez and his girlfriend teaches maturityWell, Paulina Burrola took the opportunity to fulfill some professional commitments and stressed that in a couple the most important thing was to heal, trust and communication. … Read more

Mauricio Ochmann lived a heartbreaking moment with his adoptive father: they believed he was hurting him


However, this happiness now contrasts with his sad past that includes everything from a difficult childhood to even wanting to take his own life after a time drowned in addictions. Among the hardest moments of his childhood stands out a heartbreaking exchange he had with his first adoptive father. We tell you. Mauricio Ochmann had … Read more

What made the couple of Aislinn Derbez and Mauricio Ochmann fail


Many reasons can be given why the couple from Aislinn Derbez and Mauricio Ochman It ended. However, on more than one occasion, the same actress was convinced that everything had to do with the two, but she assured that “karma” follows her like the rest of her family. After 5 years of being together, Aislinn … Read more

‘I had already planned to die’, Mauricio Ochmann is honest about the most difficult moment of his life

For Mauricio Ochman fatherhood has been transformative in every way, since it has undoubtedly allowed him to understand life from another point of view. Something that the actor recently talked about in an interview, in which he openly revealed that it was the love he has for his eldest daughter that saved his life in … Read more

Mauricio Ochmann explains why he does not have a relationship with his adoptive family

With the sincerity that usually characterizes him, Mauricio Ochman has opened his heart to talk about the way his childhood unfolded, a stage of his life full of contrasts and in which despite his young age he had to adapt to the family circumstances that marked his childhood. This was revealed by the handsome actor … Read more

Mauricio Ochmann, Aislinn Derbez and the celebrities who are FRIENDS after their divorce: PHOTOS


It is no secret to anyone that fairy tales are no longer as rosy as romantic movies always made us believe, much less the traditional “happily ever after”. And it is that over the years, Hollywood has idealized love; but the way the world has traveled has meant that it is no longer as durable … Read more