Ferdinando Valencia against Jesús Ochoa for lack of support in the death of his son: “A deep disappointment as a human being”

The actor questioned the attitude of the ANDA leader (Photos: Instagram/@jesusochoamex/@ferdinandoval) In 2019 the world of Mexican entertainment was shaken by the tragedy that Ferdinand Valencia and his wife Brenda Kellermann they lived by losing their son, who was shortly after being born, Dante, after he presented health problems, which led to meningitis that was … Read more

“It was not the life I deserved”: Mariana Ochoa said why she does not regret her infidelity

More than 10 years ago, Mariana Ochoa’s mother introduced her to Christian Ezkenazi, a painter who immediately won her heart. the singer of OV7. In 2010, after living together for a year, Mariana and Christian got married and traveled to Thailand to enjoy their honeymoon. However, her trip was devastating for the singer, who returned … Read more

What led Mariana Ochoa to be unfaithful in her first marriage after her honeymoon


Mariana Ochoa divorced after the publication of the photographs that showed her infidelity (Photo: Instagram@ soymarianaochoa) Mariana Ochoa has been in the public eye since she was a child nine years old, when in 1989 he debuted with the group Vaseline wave, today OV7, and since then he has grown in the spotlight, so aspects … Read more

Dulce María: the gift she keeps from her courtship with Guillermo Ochoa


This is the waistband that Dulce María wears (Photo: Instagram / @ dulcemaria) / Guillermo Ochoa returns to the call-up of the Mexican team (Photo: AP) Former RBD member Dulce María, he was honest about the romance he had with the athlete Guillermo Ochoa in 2005 during an interview he had with the entertainment journalist … Read more

From Raffaella Carrà to Juan Manuel Ochoa: Famous Peruvians and the world who died in 2021


With their talent, they filled our lives in various ways: they put memorable moments to music, they brought tears and laughter to us with their performances, their books filled us with reflections and new worlds. Their absences, therefore, mark our balance sheet for 2021. From international stars to figures from the Peruvian scene, we review … Read more

Jesús Ochoa would have been removed from a film for alleged harassment


Jesús Ochoa was removed from a film for alleged sexual harassment (Photo: Instagram / @jesusochoamex) Jesus Ochoa again finds himself in the eye of the hurricane after you will be charged with alleged sexual harassment during the filming of the movie The Usurper: The Musical. Susana zabaleta confirmed that the general secretary of ANDA (National … Read more

Leonorilda Ochoa, the Mexican actress who lost everything after hiding that she suffered from Alzheimer’s


In 2016 he took with him one of the mexican actresses most loved in the industry. She is Leonorilda Ochoa, who participated in many soap operas and series in her country. Many remember her for her role as ‘Pecas’ in the 70’s series, “Los Beverly Peralvillo”. Here we tell you how the artist hid for … Read more