Carmen Villalobos, Omar Chaparro and Zuleyka Rivera: presenters of Tu Música Urbano Awards 2022 by Telemundo

We can confirm that Carmen Villalobos, Omar Chaparro and Zuleyka Rivera will be the presenters of Premios Tu Música Urbano 2022 by Telemundo. The famous actor and comedian has decided to leave behind his famous friends Adrián Uribe and Adal Ramones, by two of the most incendiary beauties of Hispanic television and Telemundo. Let us … Read more

Adal Ramones attacked Omar Chaparro’s programs: “He did not overshadow Another Rollo”

Adal ramones criticized Omar Chaparro’s programs (Photo: Instagram @adalramones) Adal Ramones has stood out for being an icon on Mexican television, since he is considered one of the first comedians to venture into the world of monologue. And it is that, it’s not a secret that Another roll It was the most representative program in … Read more

Omar Chaparro made fun of Gabriel Soto’s intimate video: “You’re very good”


Omar Chaparro mocked Gabriel Soto’s prohibited video: Instagram/@gabrielsoto/@omarchaparro In the most recent broadcast of the program belonging to Omar Chaparro, the actor also had the opportunity to have as guests Adal Ramones Already Adrian Uribe. As is known, this distinguished trio of comedians are known for their irreverence and originality that have positioned them among … Read more

Laura G revealed that Omar Chaparro would have been to blame for “Sabadazo” going off the air


Laura G assured that “Sabadazo” ended due to Omar Chaparro (Photo: Facebook/Sabadazo) Almost six years after Saturday It ended, Laura G. revealed how the famous program ended and who would have been to blame for the fact that the recordings could no longer continue. Saturday It was one of the most popular family programs broadcast … Read more

Mauricio Ochmann would not forgive an infidelity of Omar Chaparro with William Levy

Mauricio Ochman Y omar chaparro they do not share the same opinion about infidelity. After meeting in the movie “And how is he?” They can’t stop joking with each other. Although in the film the character of Chaparro is the lover of Ochmann’s wife, and he wants to take revenge on him, behind the scenes … Read more

Alfredo Adame called Omar Chaparro a “dwarf with a complex” for making fun of his bicycle kicks


Alfredo Adame again attacked Omar Chaparro for making fun of him (Photos: Instagram @alfredoadamevonknoop/omarchaparro) Alfredo Adame responded to the last comments omar chaparro made about the capabilities that the former political contender has to fight, mainly with his knowledge of Mixed Martial Arts and the bicycle kicks. After Omar Chaparro mocked Alfredo Adame’s famous kicksas … Read more

Omar Chaparro mocked Alfredo Adame’s “bicycle kicks”


Omar Chaparro mocks Alfredo Adame’s “bicycle kicks” After his most recent public brawl against the legal representative of Carlos Trejothe controversial Mexican driver, Alfred Adame, It has positioned itself again in the trend of social networks derived from its questionable martial arts practices. The fact has caused users and personalities from the show business to … Read more

Alfredo Adame ranted against Omar Chaparro for criticizing his way of fighting: “Ignorant inept”


Alfredo Adame attacked Omar Chaparro for statements in the Cotorrisa (Photos: Ig @alfredoadamevonknoop/omarchaparro) Alfredo Adame has become even more controversial due to the constant fights in which he is involved, as was the recent case where a family hit him in the middle of the street or the time he yelled at a motorist. But … Read more

Omar Franco ‘Ruperto’ already has a new car. This is how he received the gift at El show de Carlucho

The Cuban humorist Omar Franco is already on a motorized tour of Miami. “Ruperto” received a 2022 car as a gift in Carlucho’s show, where he began working three months after his arrival from Cuba in July of last year. The car issue began in November when, in one of the sketches, “Ruperto” dropped Carlucho, … Read more

How was the wedding of Victoria Ruffo and Omar Fayad


Victoria Ruffo and Omar Fayad decided to fill themselves with luxury for their wedding, which was more than 20 years ago (Photo: Instagram / @ jose_eduardo92) Omar Fayad and Victoria Ruffo they have more than 20 years of a stable marriage which began shortly after one of the most media relations of the actress. His … Read more