Evelyn Beltrán: all the operations that Toni Costa’s girlfriend has had

The income of Tony Costa to the reality show “The house of the famous 2″ has not only increased the popularity of the dancer, but also that of his girlfriend, Evelyn Beltran. Contrary to what many thought, she showed her support for her partner’s participation in the program and has urged her followers to save … Read more

Lis Vega will continue to undergo aesthetic operations: “Not even if they were going to kiss me”

Lis Vega shared that as long as she likes her appearance, she will continue with the modifications Lisa Vega He has been surprising his admirers for years with various cosmetic surgeries and modificationsHowever, since 2019 he has received a lot of criticism both on social networks and in his close circles. During a meeting with … Read more

Two delicate operations await Lucila Mariscal


Lucila Mariscal suffered a fall at home after her Christmas dinner (Photo: Cuartoscuro) After surprising with the announcement of his hospitalization, It was revealed that Lucila Mariscal has been stabilized and is already preparing for a surgical intervention. It will be from 5:00 p.m. on Tuesday, December 28, when the first actress will undergo an … Read more