The Argentine Bruce Willis: he replaced the actor on an official tour and even Dua Lipa confused him with the original

Interview with double Bruce Willis It’s almost seven in the morning and there are still more than four hours to catch the plane to Panama. Although it is recommended to arrive at the airport three hours before, he knows that between the photos and videos that they are going to ask him for, he will … Read more

Carlos Baute, confessional: the three singers who refused the duet of “Hanging in your hands” and their original marriage proposal

Carlos Baute tells the origin of “Hanging in your hands” and “I give you” Charles Baute arrives at the studio Infobae like someone who has just woken up from a dream. The adrenaline is still running through her body and she needs to count it to confirm that it is real. In her heart, the … Read more

Gwyneth Paltrow and Victoria Beckham, united by these jeans (and their original way of wearing them)

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Charlène from Monaco and the most original royal Christmas greeting

12/21/2021 – 18:23 Updated: 12/21/2021 – 19:46 Three comebacks – albeit virtual – in more than a month and a half and all three for a good cause. It is the activity that the network has had in recent weeks Princess Charléne of Monaco, which has reappeared to congratulate the holidays, with a very original … Read more

Charlene’s original Christmas greeting with Alberto and his children that generates a question

The Christmas dates are auspicious days for send best wishes to all those around us and, although it has been a difficult year for Princess Charlene, due to your health problems derived from an ENT infection, wanted to send an original Christmas greeting. Through an endearing image where you can see the former athlete with … Read more

“Pasión de gavilanes 2”: what role will the original actors play in the chapters

How will the original actors be part of “Passion of hawks 2″? That is the big question that has appeared in the networks before the announcement that Michel Brown will be part of season 2 of the Colombian telenovela, through Telemundo. In this way, the new installment will feature the participation of Mario Cimarro, Paola … Read more

Alec Baldwin regains his smile after the tragedy thanks to the original Halloween family party

The last ten days are not easy for Alec baldwin as he tries to compose himself after accidentally killing a colleague while they were immersed in the filming of Rust, film set in the old West that has been canceled due to the tragedy. The actor is devastated by what happened and tries to assimilate … Read more