Cande Ruggeri is pregnant: the moment her father, Oscar, unintentionally reveals it on the air

Oscar Ruggeri revealed that his daughter Candela is pregnant Cande Ruggeri she is expecting her first child. However, it was not she who gave the happy news to her public or on her social networks where she has almost two million followers, but his dad Oscar, who accidentally escaped. Everything passed like every day in … Read more

Four famous people who drive a Lamborghini like Óscar de la Hoya does

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Russell Crowe, the Oscar winner with the worst character: threats, a phone as a weapon and the love he never forgot

Russell Crowe in the 2000 film Gladiator. At one point during filming, he threatened to walk off the set in disgust with the script (Photo by Universal/Getty Images) Almost twenty years ago, long before the slap of Will Smith at the Academy Awards shocked the world, another Hollywood favorite shocked everyone with his bad behavior … Read more

After beating Chris Rock and winning the Oscar, Will Smith is experiencing the worst moment of his career


Will Smith won the award for best actor for his performance in the film “King Richard” (Reuters) Jada Pinkett is said to be “not mad” at her husband Will Smith after he slapped comedian Chris Rock for making a joke about her at the Oscars. Everything indicates that the marriage is still intact despite everything, … Read more

nerdgasm | What is behind Will Smith and the slap of has gone around the world? | Will Smith | Chris Rock | Oscar Awards | Hollywood | CHEK


In what should have been the great night of cinema, and particularly the great night for Will Smith for winning his first Academy Award, it became a ceremony to be forgotten due to an unexpected backlash from the ‘Men in Black’ actor against his colleague, comedian Chris Rock. Needless to describe the moment Will Smith … Read more

Oscar 2022: a new video shows Jada Pinkett Smith’s curious reaction after Will Smith slapped her from Chris Rock


For days the world has been talking about Will Smith and the commented slap he gave comedian Chris Rock live at the Oscars. And beyond what was seen live, videos later appeared about what happened to the protagonist of King Richard: A Winning Family after that inexplicable act of violence: who did he talk to, … Read more

Will Smith: the Hollywood Academy says the actor refused to leave the Oscar gala after slapping Chris Rock


EFE Latam Videos Havana Book Fair will host 32 countries and Mexico is guest of honor Havana, March 30 (EFE) .- Cuba will celebrate the thirtieth International Book Fair (FIL) in Havana —between April 20 and 30— with representatives from 32 countries and Mexico as “guest of honor” , after two years of suspension due … Read more

Venus Williams’ nipple was exposed during Will Smith’s Oscar speech


AFP Will Smith’s blow to Chris Rock in the middle of the 2022 Oscar Awards ceremony was not the only curious fact that stood out above the planned structure of the gala. Another situation that caused talk was played by the tennis player Venus Williams, present at the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles, to whom … Read more

Oscar 2022: the awkward moment with Amy Schumer for which Kirsten Dunst became a trend in the networks


The jokes and sarcasm in the ceremony of the Oscar awards They are not something new, but rather part of a humor code that seems to be being revised in Hollywood at this time. After the controversy surrounding the slap that Will Smith he hit Chris Rock after a joke about his wife Jada Pinkett-Smith’s … Read more

Oscar Awards: between glamor and controversy, how was the audience for the show?


The 94th edition of the Oscar awards It has become one of the most talked about awards in history. Weeks before the big night, the Academy introduced a series of changes that aimed to refresh the award ceremony and thus increase audience peaks. Some of the most significant changes included the return of the hosts, … Read more