Pablo Montero explains his absence from the final recording of ‘El Último Rey’

Pablo Montero / Courtesy The actor Pablo Montero was honest about the most recent controversy in which he has been involved after Juan Osorio revealed that he did not show up for the recording of the final scene of the series The last king, the son of the people. After it became known that the … Read more

Rodrigo Santoro’s advice to Pablo Motos when it comes to kissing: “Do it with love and with delicacy”

‘The Anthill’ The week has started with the interview of Paul Motorcycles to the actors Alvaro Morte Y Rodrigo Santorowho have spoken with the driver of the entertainment space of Atresmedia which is broadcast from Monday to Thursday from 2:45 a.m. on Antenna 3 of ‘Unlimited’the series that both star in and that will be … Read more

Pablo Montero denied appearing drunk at recordings of “The Last King”

The singer is involved in the controversy for participating in the unauthorized bioseries of Vicente Fernández. (Photo: EFE/Francisco Guasco/File) Pablo Montero broke the silence around the rumors that monopolized the spotlight for a few days. And it is that the protagonist of the unauthorized series by Vicente Fernández He was accused of going to a … Read more

Pablo Motos talks about Will Smith after the punishment of the Academy: “Every time we have thinner skin”

In the world of television there are many programs that try to gain a foothold on the grid and finally end up leaving through the back door. This is not the case for ‘The Anthill’which has been on television for more than 16 years, changing from Cuatro to Antena 3, but with the same bases … Read more

Paulina Dávila shares unpublished photos and a special message to Juan Pablo Medina

After having faced a health crisis a few months ago and to stay away from public life in general, John Paul Medina has finally opened his heart to be honest about the moment when his life took a 180 degree turn and the way in which he has coped with this situation, always sheltered by … Read more

Juan Pablo Medina reveals the details of the amputation of his leg after suffering a silent heart attack

Juan Pablo Medina was in the middle of a shoot when he felt a stomach ache. After something so simple, months of convalescence in the hospital followed, several operations and the amputation of his right leg. He is still in recovery. The Mexican actor had suffered a silent heart attack, a dangerous blow and very … Read more

Juan Pablo Medina is seen for the first time with a prosthesis and tells his dramatic story: “I opted to live”

On August 2, it was announced that Juan Pablo Medina was hospitalized by a “thrombosis” that had become complicated, which would have led to the amputation of his right leg. At that time there was little information about her health status, which caused a series of speculations, it was even said that his ailments were … Read more

Juan Pablo Medina posed for the first time with his prosthesis: “I’m relearning”

Juan Pablo Medina was working on the production of “Stellar Hours” when he began to feel bad. (Photo: Instagram/@juan_pablomedina) After 8 months since one of his legs was amputated for health complications derived from a heart attack, John Paul Medina posed, for the first time, with his prosthesis. The actor how he has led the … Read more

Ángela Aguilar was in love with William Levy and Pablo Montero

Levy, protagonist of Café con aroma de mujer, was Ángela’s platonic love Photos: Instagram@angela_aguilar_/@willevy Ángela Aguilar surprised her followers declaring that he came to feel attraction and infatuation with two men from the middle of the show. It was during an interview given to Aztec TV for the program Family heritage: The Aguilars where Pepe’s … Read more

Pablo Alborán and his life after publicly confessing his homosexuality to be happier

Pablo Alboran. (Photo by Isabel Infantes/WireImage) Pablo Alborán, one of the most important singer-songwriters in Latin music, made one of the most important decisions of his life during the pandemic: speak openly about their homosexuality. On June 20, 2020, after spending four months at home with his parents, the Spanish artist recorded himself in his … Read more