The painful night Katy Perry was asked for a divorce with a text message at the worst time

After 14 months they divorced Reuters Katy Perry It is part of the most important female cultural references in the history of pop culture. Despite the fact that she became one of the icons in the most commercial and important musical genre in the world, she is also a composer, actress, model and even a … Read more

Rocío Marengo made a painful announcement: “There is no baby on the way, I am sad”

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Marcia Saborío stopped laughing: actress talks about the most painful year of her life

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Sara Maldonado remembers the painful reason why she had to abort: “The baby has no heart”

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The heartbreaking farewell of actor Mario Zaragoza to his son after his painful death at the age of 14


the mexican actor mario zaragoza published a heartbreaking text to express his pain and fire his son, Ángel Fernando, who died at the age of 14. The news of the young man’s death was raised last weekend, however, El Universal explained that the death would have occurred last Monday, January 31 in Mexico. So far … Read more

Evaluna Montaner: the painful fall she suffered a few months after giving birth to her first child


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Pamela Silva opens her heart and narrates the painful accident her baby suffered


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From a fleeting marriage to a suicide attempt: Bradley Cooper’s painful journey


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Jomari Goyso cries after making a painful confession about her body


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Olga Tañón and her painful secret: She weighed almost 200 pounds, ate secretly and tried to vomit


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