Pampita congratulated Roberto García Moritán and Benjamín Vicuña for Father’s Day

Pampita greeted Roberto García Moritán and Benjamín Vicuña for Father’s Day Just finished recording The Hotel of the Famous (The thirteen), Carolina pampita ardohean He packed his bags and went to enjoy a vacation with friends to Miami. The model traveled with the youngest of her daughters, Anafruit of his current marriage of Roberto Garcia … Read more

The secret story of the reunion between Pampita and La China Suárez

China Suárez brought a gift to Beltrán, in the midst of his conflict with Benjamin Vicuña China Suarez Y Pampita Ardohain managed to establish a good bond and left in the past the scandal related to the famous motorhome that involved Benjamin Vicuna. Recently, the actress made clear her excellent relationship with her model by … Read more

The photos and video of Beltrán’s soccer birthday, the son of Pampita and Benjamín Vicuña

The birthday of Beltrán, the son of Pampita and Benjamín Vicuña Carolina Pampita Ardohain Y Benjamin Vicuna they organized a big party for their son’s 10th birthday, Beltran. The host and the Chilean actor shared with their followers on social networks images and videos of this celebration in which family, loved ones and friends participated. … Read more

The moving gesture of solidarity by Bautista, the son of Pampita and Benjamín Vicuña


Pampita’s son excited a boy from the Garrote neighborhood Baptist Vicunathe son of Carolina Ardohain Y Benjamin Vicunaparticipated in a solidarity action carried out Associate, a non-profit NGO that was founded by Roberto Garcia Moritan with the aim of accompanying and promoting existing socio-productive enterprises in vulnerable neighborhoods in the province of Buenos Aires and … Read more

The new new battle that divides Pampita and Benjamín Vicuña: the reason that will face the former couple again


Pampita and Benjamin Vicuna Seven years after their scandalous separation, Pampita and Benjamín Vicuña found calm in recent times. Especially after he separated from China Suárez, the model and the Chilean were shown together on more than one occasion and in addition to sharing family celebrations, as they always did, they posed together for the … Read more

Pampita dressed her daughter Ana in a garment that belonged to Blanquita and moved everyone


Pampita and her baby, Anita Everything is transformed, even pain into love. At least that’s how he understands it pampita and she applies it not only to intangible things and that powerful lifestyle that she chose to live and that drives her to continue despite everything, but also to material things. And this time, she … Read more

Alex Caniggia’s reprehensible comment against Pampita that he later deleted


“The Hotel of the Famous” already has its first controversy: Alex Caniggia made a misplaced comment against Pampita It hasn’t started yet The Hotel of the Famousthe reality of The thirteen which will have Carolina pampita ardohean and to chinese leunis as hosts, it already brought its first controversy. The thing is alex caniggiaone of … Read more

Pampita revealed who takes care of her daughter Ana during her beach days in Punta Cana


Pampita enjoys her family vacation in Punta Cana: in the photo, with her daughter Ana in her arms Carolina pampita ardohean chose the paradisiacal beaches of Punta Cana to enjoy a few days of vacation before embarking on what will be his 2022 full of work projects. The model and host is the godmother of … Read more

Pampita traveled with her family to Punta Cana and was happy enjoying the sea


Pampita enjoyed the sea of ​​Punta Cana In just a few days, Carolina pampita ardohean will be debuting in front of The Hotel of the Famous, a reality show that he will lead with Leander The Chinese Leunis through the screen of ElTrece. And, to start her working year with all the energy, she decided … Read more

Malena Pichot accused Roberto García Moritán of marrying Pampita to “become known” and the businessman was lapidary


Roberto Garcia Moritan and Malecha Pichot Roberto Garcia Moritan Y Malena Pichot They staged a virtual fight that included strong accusations. It all started when Carolina’s husband pampita Ardohain, publicly criticized Ophelia Fernandez, who also used his Twitter account to respond to the economist. “At least they know my name and surname”, considered the legislator … Read more