Danna Paola set the networks on fire with a daring bikini: “Under the effects of the moon”

Danna Paola (Photo: IG @dannapaola) Danna Paola is considered one of the Mexican artists with the greatest international presence due to her long career in the medium; She constantly receives public recognition through sweet messages that end up turning her posts into a reflection of the impact she has generated among her thousands of fans. … Read more

Very changed, Danna Paola impresses with her marked figure in a beach dress

Danna Paola impresses with her marked figure in a beach dress | INSTAGRAM The beautiful singer Y Mexican actress, Danna Paolasurprised to share a Photography wearing the smallest beach suit that we have seen, in addition to his marked figure was what left Internet users with a square eye. The surprise of her followers was … Read more

Danna Paola gets a tattoo in honor of her grandmother to remember her forever


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Goodbye bra! Danna Paola and the celebrities who take the ‘braless’ style to another level: PHOTOS


More and more celebrities are saying ‘goodbye’ to bras and deciding to join the trend braless, which basically consists of not wearing a bra or a bra under the blouse. Although at first it seemed like a simple fashion, little by little it has become an act of women’s liberation and who doesn’t love to … Read more

Danna Paola leaves her followers speechless with these sexy photos


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Paola Rojas aroused suspicions of a new romance with Juan Soler


The journalist and the actor have spoken together for what was speculated about a new romance Last March 19 Paola Rojasa Mexican journalist, posted on her official Twitter account Instagram a video that denoted a very pleasant moment embraced with the famous actor John Soler coupled with two more friends, a situation that resumed various … Read more

Danna Paola was going to be Selena, but a strong crisis made her give up the Netflix series


At the time when Lu was one of the most beloved characters in the Spanish series, Danna managed to keep the leading role in ‘Selena: the series’, the Netflix production in collaboration with the Quintanilla family that told us about the life of the queen of tex-mex However, despite the fact that the role was … Read more

Danna Paola reveals why she did not play Selena Quintanilla in the Netflix series


Danna Paolaone of the most popular actresses today, was about to play Selena Quintanilla in the biographical series Netflix. However, this did not materialize for a reason, which was revealed by the Mexican artist herself in an interview with “don’t do the easy thing“, the podcast of actor Juanpa Zurita. Entering the skin of the … Read more

Danna Paola and Anna Wintour together: this was the meeting that has caused a furor on social networks


The actress shared the moment (Photos: Instagram/@dannapaola/@harpersbazaarmx) Danna Paola continues to position herself as one of the most successful Mexican figures in recent times and this time the singer did not hesitate to use her account Instagram to share one of her greatest achievements: sitting in a fashion show inches from Anna Wintour. In social … Read more