Rod on a yacht with a girl who looks like Jennifer Lopez? Paparazzi captures her from behind in a bikini with dental floss

Alex Rodriguez. Photo: Michael Loccisano/Getty Images To Rod It seems that he has finally managed to turn the page. They say that his new girlfriend is called Kat Padgett, although it is not with her that he was caught a few days ago on top of a yacht. The sexy brunette, she appears to share … Read more

“She didn’t breathe and she barely smiled”: Camila Cabello’s crude confession and her criticism of the paparazzi for her bikini photos

Camila Cabello shared a text on her social networks after seeing some photos of her in a bikini (Reuters) In a post uploaded to his Instagram account in which there is no image, but a long text, Cuban-American singer Camila Cabello reflected on the criticism she receives about her physical appearance and how they affect … Read more

Livia Brito sends a message to paparazzi to take pictures of her

Livia Brito will tell paparazzi when they can take pictures of her | Instagram A news that will surely have left several shocked, is the one he shared Livia brito recently, the famous actress Cuban announced for the paparazzi the conditions they must meet in order to take him photos. After she and her boyfriend … Read more