The singer Bárbara Intriago passed away

After receiving a surprising diagnosis of cancer last year and fight with great faith, this Thursday May 26 in the city of Miami, the Chilean singer-songwriter Barbara Intriago passed away. The talented and beloved singer-songwriter Barbara Intriago She was a very popular woman in the United States and she had earned everything when she composed … Read more

Actor John Aylward dies: The actor of “The West Wing” passed away

Actor John Aylward dies The actor was 75 years old. A close friend announced that it was due to natural causes A SAD FAREWELL. Recently, it was revealed that actor John Aylward, 75, passed away last Monday. A close friend of the actor was the one who confirmed the news and reported that the causes … Read more

Mourning in acting: Andrés Restrepo, son of renowned artist Fabio Restrepo, passed away


PHOTO: Via Instagram (andresrestrepos) For several days it had been known that the actor Fabio Restrepo was referred to an Intensive Care Unit due to complications from covid-19. At that time, the event was shared by the entertainment journalist Carlos Ochoa, who also reported that his situation was critical. Ochoa himself announced, a few minutes … Read more

Josefina “Pepita” Gomís, mother of Héctor Suárez Gomís and ex-wife of Héctor Suárez, passed away


PHOTO: Image Group This morning, the actor Héctor Suárez Gomís, reported on the death of his mother, the 1960s television host, Josefina Gomís, who received the nickname “Pepita” by his family. In recent months, the interpreter requested blood donors to attend to his mother, who I was hospitalized although he did not specify his condition. … Read more

Claudia Elena Vásquez’s mother passed away and was thus remembered by Carlos Vives


Photo: Instagram @ClaudiaElena Just hours after posting an emotional Christmas message to your social media followers, the family made up of Claudia Elena Vásquez and Carlos Vives had to say goodbye to María Elena Ángel Ochoa, mother of the former beauty queen, who died of causes that have not yet been confirmed. The announcement was … Read more

Silvia Pinal: this is how Viridiana, her favorite daughter, passed away


Viridiana is a name that represents a lot in the life of Silvia Pinal, evoking the same love and pain. The first “Viridiana” Silvia Pinal appeared in life through cinema: thanks to this 1961 film directed by Luis Buñuel, her career stood out enormously. The Spanish-produced film won the Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film … Read more

“Yes you passed”: Sylvia Pasquel reacts to Adela Micha’s comments about Silvia Pinal’s health


Sylvia Pasquel reacted to Adela Micha’s comments, who said that Silvia Pinal “it doesn’t take long to die”, because she is hospitalized for covid. The journalist offered a public apology and contacted some members of the Pinal dynasty to clarify the situation. “She sent me a message telling me that her words had been misinterpreted. … Read more

Actors of the P. Luche family who have already passed away: their fans still miss them


The P. Luche family is one of the most remembered programs of the 2000s, as it tells the story of a dysfunctional family, whose members are quite funny and won the hearts of their followers. This comedy, which was directed by Eugenio Derbez, hit the small screen in 2002 and went off the air in … Read more

Japanese actress and singer Sayaka Kanda passed away Did she commit suicide?


Getty Sayaka kanda Sayaka kanda was a Japanese voice actress who was found dead after plummeting from a hotel. According to Kyodo News, the actress and singer fell from heights at the hotel in Sapporo, Japan, her office confirmed. The tragedy was announced on Sunday, December 19, 2021, but it occurred on December 18, 2021. … Read more