From a yacht ride to an event with celebrities: Paulo Dybala and Oriana Sabatini’s vacations in Miami

Paulo Dybala and Oriana Sabatini enjoy their days off in Miami paulo dybala put him end point to a story of love with Juventus of seven seasons. His name sounds strong in different clubs in Europe, but while his future is resolved he decided to take a break with his girlfriend oriana sabatini in Miami. … Read more

The points of the “mega agreement” between Paulo Londra and the mother of his daughters: what they fixed besides food

Rocio Moreno and Paulo Londra Less than a year after the confusing separation of Paul London, after he left the house he shared with his ex-partner Rocio Moreno who was in her second pregnancy (Francesca was born in February), and Isabella, the daughter they have in common who turns two in July, the protagonists reached … Read more

The word of Paulo Londra’s former mother-in-law: “The dialogue between them is not always healthy and ends well”

The word of Rocío Moreno’s mother after the birth of her granddaughter and in the midst of the conflict with Paulo Londra (Video: “Intruders” – America) This morning, and in the midst of the tense relationship between Paul London and his ex, Rocio Moreno, their second daughter was born Francisca. “The baby is fine and … Read more

Paulo Londra’s daughter was born, in the midst of the conflict with her ex: the first image


Paulo Londra’s daughter was born (Video: “Intruders” – America) In the midst of the conflict with his ex, Rocio Morenothis noon it transpired that Paul London he became a father for the second time. This was announced in intruderswhere they obtained the word of the singer at the exit of the clinic in Córdoba. “The … Read more

Close to returning to music, Paulo Londra was sued by his ex, days after giving birth: what does the mother of her daughters ask for


Paulo Londra and Rocio Moreno “I’m happy because new things are coming”, The Cordovan singer wrote just a few days ago Paul London on his Instagram account in reference to his imminent return to music. However, and when everything seems to be heading in the workplace, in the personal sphere things are not going well. … Read more