Maite Perroni reveals what her plans are with Andrés Tovar, will they get married?

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Surrounded by her best friends, Maite Perroni celebrates her 39th birthday

Undoubtedly, Maite Perroni He is going through a very important moment in his life. And it is that in addition to the success that works such as the Dark Desire series have meant, the beautiful actress has endless projects at the door and many others to be released, something that undoubtedly has her very excited. … Read more

Maite Perroni denied rumors of a possible pregnancy for the second time

Awake America reporter questioned Maite Perroni about the rumors of a pregnancy On November 24, the singer had already denied the rumors of pregnancy that arose after confirming her relationship with Andrés Tovar, however, yesterday due to her time at the Mexico City International Airport, she was again questioned about this theme. A reporter from … Read more

Maite Perroni reappears in Acapulco with her boyfriend and sparks rumors of pregnancy

Maite Perroni reappears in Acapulco with her boyfriend and sparks rumors of pregnancy. | PHOTO: INSTAGRAM After several months of courtship with the producer of the program Sale el Sol, Andres Tovarwhich began with a mega scandal when he was still married to the actress claudia martinthe relationship seems to be going from strength to … Read more

Koko Stambuk denied accusations for his breakup with Maite Perroni

Koko Stambuk revealed her truth after the controversy with Maite Perroni (Photos: Ask/@kokostambuk // IG@maiteperroni) Having terminated his engagement with Maite Perroni and being linked to the scandal due to the alleged infidelity of Andres Tovar to Claudia Martin, Koko Stambuk launched a blunt message to his ex girlfriendas well as the people who pointed … Read more

From JLo to Maite Perroni: William Levy and all the FAMOUS that the heartthrob has conquered

William Levy is in the middle of a big controversy after announcing his separation with Elizabeth Gutiérrez, via an Instagram post that was later deleted. One of the reasons that many have handled as the cause of the breakup is the infidelity from the actor with Alicia Sanchez, with whom he has supposedly had a … Read more

Maite Perroni dazzles in elegant and daring velvet dress

Maite Perroni dazzles in an elegant and daring velvet dress. | PHOTO: INSTAGRAM Like a true goddess of elegance, the Mexican actress, Maite Perroni dazzle in elegant and daring velvet dress, during a shocking photo session, in which she showed her enormous beauty and charms. The beautiful protagonist of the series Netflix, dark desire she … Read more

In a very difficult moment, Maite Perroni proved to be strong and contain Catherine Siachoque

Maite Perroni, the former star of Rebelde, showed that she is a sensitive woman in difficult times, and not only for her, but for her loved ones. So it was that his partner Catherine Siachoque He recounted details of when he comforted her during a very difficult personal moment. Sensitive and empathic: Maite Perroni cried … Read more

Maite Perroni is seen again in an affectionate attitude with producer Andrés Tovar

Maite Perroni / Andres Tovar. Photo: Mezcaliente / Mezcaliente After causing a stir on social networks with a series of hot images in which Maite Perroni sent a strong message to his detractors, is now Andres Tovar who shouted his love for the actress with a romantic photograph. It was through his official Instagram account, … Read more

With an emotional declaration of love, Andrés Tovar told how he began his relationship with Maite Perroni

However, beyond the ‘hate’ they have received, Maite and Andrés have bet fully on their love and how happy they are together, something they have shared on several occasions with the media, such as in a recent interview given by the television producer. Andrés Tovar declared that Maite Perroni is the love of his life … Read more