José Eduardo Derbez paid 10 thousand pesos for a change of look that he did not like

José Eduardo Derbez arrived on the set of “Membres al Aire” with blonde hair, sparking laughter among his classmates (Photo: Instagram/@jose_eduardo92) Jose Eduardo Derbez confessed that when trying to make a Change of looka stylist left a dye in her hair that he didn’t like it plus, had to pay a fortune for that job. … Read more

The fetish that generates 4 million pesos a week for an OnlyFans model

It is no secret to anyone that the platform onlyfans It has been one of the ones that has increased the most users during the pandemic, this taking into account the content that is published there and the income it generates for those who are part of it. One of the women who has managed … Read more

Gabriel Soto will receive almost 2 million pesos after winning a lawsuit for moral damage

The driver will receive money from the lawsuit he won against a magazine (Photos: @gabrielsoto) After Gabriel Soto took legal action in 2016 against a famous magazine that shared photos of him with theto actress Marjorie de Sousa where it was rumored that both had a relationshipthe soap opera heartthrob will finally receive the money … Read more

Viviana Canosa will denounce L-Gante for gender violence: she will ask for a compensation of 15 million pesos

Viviana Canosa will sue L-Ghent Some days ago, L-Ghent gave a free show at Tecnopolis. “This is my gift to everyone. Free entry at no cost to the State. No political flag. It’s me who wants to give a show to my country and the best place I found is Tecnópolis, which is ours, not … Read more

Carlos Trejo challenged Alfredo Adame for a fight in exchange for 250 thousand pesos

Carlos Trejo linked up with First Hand and made an offer to Alfredo Adame. Video: TV Image. After compare Alfredo Adame with a “panda bear” for his street fight, the self-proclaimed Ghostbusters Carlos Trejo He offered his rival 250,000 pesos if he agreed to fight him. The challenge was announced by Trejo during his link … Read more

Eduin Caz gives 18 THOUSAND pesos tenIs to his wife at Christmas, do you want to BUY his pardon?

Eduin caz, vocalist of Firm Group, surprised his wife Daisy anahy with a Christmas gift who left her open mouth and the singer gave him one tennis which are valued at around 18 thousand pesos, Does he want me to finish forgiving him for his infidelity? Here we tell you the truth. It was in … Read more

The dress of 400 thousand pesos with which Salma Hayek dazzled on the red carpet of “House of Gucci”

Salma Hayek impressed with her gold dress on the “House of Gucci” red carpet (REUTERS / Henry Nicholls) Salma Hayek She is one of the most mentioned actresses lately and this time it was because of her appearance on the film’s red carpet House of gucci, where she wore an elegant gold dress from the … Read more