An intimate photo of L-Gante with a dancer went viral

L-Ghent In mid-October of last year, just before the singer L-Ghent confirm your separation from the influencer Tamara Baezthe rumor began to circulate that he had some meetings with the dancer luli romero, who participated in some of his video clips. At that time the information was denied, although the separation between the couple also … Read more

They capture Piqué from FIESTA in Stockholm with another unknown WOMAN after breaking up with Shakira | PHOTO

It seems that Gerard Piqué is trying to get over his breaking off with Shakira with a life of chaos. In recent days, the press, especially the Spanish one, has closely followed the personal life of the Spanish center-back, who has been seen in several meetings and even on a trip with those who would … Read more

China Suárez shared a photo with Amancio and surprised with their resemblance: “Mini Chinese”

The former Casi Ángeles showed her resemblance to her son Amancio Eugenia The China Suarez She shared a few postcards with her three children over the extra large weekend, and one in particular caught the attention of her Instagram followers. Users remarked the incredible physical resemblance to the youngest of the family, Amancio, who will … Read more

Team Meghan and Harry? Eugenie of York cuts out Kate Middleton from family PHOTO

The British royalty adds another scandal to the list of those that have emerged in recent days: this time, the princess Eugenie of York showed what for many is a clear sign of full support for Meghan and Harry; Prince Andrew’s daughter shared a family photo in which he cut out Kate Middleton; immediately, fans … Read more

Cande Tinelli uploaded a photo in a bikini and had to go out to respond to criticism for her body

Cande Tinelli pointed against the haters and gave advice to his followers Although today there is already a greater awareness of how harmful criticism can be for a person’s physical appearance, the truth is that social networks are still plagued with haters that are dedicated to flooding the profiles of celebrities with derogatory comments. In … Read more

“Not even risky”: why did Queen Elizabeth not let herself take a photo with her granddaughter, the daughter of Meghan and Harry?


Queen Elizabeth crossed a line by inviting her grandson Harry and his wife Meghan to her 70th jubilee. After the dispatch that the two had butted heads with royalty on Oprah’s show last year, their presence was a very goodwill gesture. However, the monarch did not stop either. British newspapers recorded the meeting of the … Read more

They took a photo of Juan Darthés in a bar in Rio de Janeiro and it went viral due to a gesture from his wife


Juan Darthes Juan Darthes and his wife Maria del Carmen Leone have been living in Brazil for a few years, after Thelma Fardin denounce the actor for rape in Nicaragua, as part of a tour of the youth strip Ugly Duckling. The actress is carrying out a legal battle in the neighboring country, with some … Read more

Renata Notni defies network restrictions with this photo

Renata Notni defies network restrictions with this photo Everything seems to indicate that the beautiful actress Renata Notni He has quite defied the restrictions of the Instagram social network by sharing a photo that undoubtedly left his followers open-mouthed. Recently, Renata Notni raised the temperature of social networks and found herself on the verge of … Read more

Marjorie de Sousa uploads a photo in the pool and they tell her: divine

Marjorie de Sousa uploads a photo in the pool and they tell her: divine | Facebook The actress Y model Venezuelan, Marjorie deSousais also part of the female stars that pampers her fans with photos in which she is seen enjoying the sun and the pool, revealing that she is one of the most beautiful … Read more

“Cachitomio”: In a new photo, Beli shows her love for Mexico

Belinda opens her blouse and with a tender charm conquers everyone | Instagram Belinda She has arrived sweeping Spain with multiple projects. In a recent postcard, she appears in a pink blouse with which she showed a little more than her neck, in which she wore a pendant with great meaning. The singer Belinda has … Read more