They revealed Piqué’s tricks to be unfaithful to Shakira without being discovered: side doors, exclusive rooms, taxis and meetings “without phones”

Piqué and Shakira, in happy times: they have two children, Milan and Sasha The separation of Gerard Piqué Y Shakira After 12 years of relationship, it continues to generate noise. It is that minute by minute the information of the details of the rupture and the context in which it occurred emerges, in addition to … Read more

Gerard Piqué’s alleged new partner would look a lot like Shakira

The soccer player Gerard Piqué and the Colombian singer Shakira, recently starred in one of the most notorious ruptures of the international show. After rumors of infidelity by the FC Barcelona athlete, these ‘celebs’ from Spain announced their separation in a public statement addressed to the media. MORE INFORMATION: Shakira and the messages addressed to … Read more

Portrait of Gerard Piqué’s new girlfriend comes to light: a woman just like Shakira was sought, they say

Gerard Piqué It seems that yes, that he does have a new love, but the Catalan did not want to go very far and he looked for a woman very similar to Shakira. The program “Sálvame” from Spain, like El Gordo y la Flaca Univision has already shown this portrait and some of the European … Read more

This would be Piqué’s parties and strategies to deceive Shakira

Shakira and Piqué are going through a tough time as a couple Some days ago Shakira and Gerard Pique announced through a press release their separation after twelve years of relationship. The confirmation of the breakup came after rumors of infidelity on the part of the footballer. “We regret to confirm that we are parting … Read more

Shakira’s divorce: Gerard Piqué’s ex also talks about him


Everything seems to indicate that more secrets of the private life of Gerard Piqué will be known. The Barcelona player has been very bad because of his infidelities and his attitude with the women around him, causing the breakup of his marriage with Shakira. The actress and businesswoman Nuria Tomás, in the midst of that … Read more

What is behind Piqué’s alleged infidelity to Shakira? These are the new details

The separation of Colombian singer Shakira and soccer player Gerard Piqué continues to be a media bomb, which is why some have taken it upon themselves to find out more about the couple’s separation. In fact, several theories have been spread about the person with whom Piqué was unfaithful. One of them talks about a … Read more

Núria Tomás: what do you know about Piqué’s ex-partner and what link does he have with Shakira?

The relationship of Gerard Piqué Y Shakira is in the midst of controversy after they spread rumors of infidelity by the Barcelona footballer to the Colombian singer. However, in 2011, when they just announced their love, they also found themselves in the eye of the storm. The interpreter was accused of causing the love break … Read more