The complicated year for the Principality of Monaco due to the absence of Charlene

The princely family is about to close a tremendously difficult year, in which we have only seen Charlene of Monaco at an official event in January. A) Yes, the first half of 2021 has been marked by a question: where is the princess? The answer came in the form of a palace communiqué. He was … Read more

Alberto de Monaco lives a ‘Spanish night’ in the Principality without Charlene

The princes’ hall of the Grimaldi Forum has been decked out to put an end to Monaco National Day in style. The conference and congress center, located on the city’s waterfront, has welcomed Alberto de Mónaco accompanied by his sister Carolina, Andrea and Carlota Casiraghi and Tatiana Santo Domingo for a “Spanish night”. The evening … Read more

Alberto de Monaco, on Charlène: she is not in the Principality and her ailment “is not only physical”

Alberto de Monaco on Charlene she is not in the

11/18/2021 – 13:37 Updated: 11/18/2021 – 13:55 The state of health of Charlène from Monaco worries. If we believed that her return to Monaco was the end of the road, time has shown us that the princess’s recovery is going to be longer than expected. A few days ago the official statement was made public … Read more

Alberto de Monaco confirms that Charlene is not in the Principality and that her ailment ‘is not only physical’

When there are hours until Monaco dresses up to celebrate its National Day, Prince Albert has granted an interview in which she sheds light on one of the mysteries that surround Princess Charlene after her return to the Principality, after spending six months in South Africa, her native country, suffering from a serious ear, nose … Read more

Estefanía de Monaco accompanies Prince Albert in Dubai while Charlene recovers in the Principality

Last Monday, November 8, one of the most anticipated events took place in Monaco: the return of Princess Charlene to the Principality after half a year without being able to leave South Africa due to an ENT infection for which she has had to be operated on up to three times. In the countdown to … Read more

Charlene of Monaco returns to the Principality with Prince Albert and their children after spending eight months in South Africa

Charlene of Monaco returns to the Principality with Prince Albert

And the day finally arrived. After more than half a year of absence and rumors about the real reasons for her stay in South Africa and her state of health, Charlene de Monaco is now back in the Principality where she has been received by Prince Albert and his twins, Jacques and Gabriella, six years … Read more

Alberto de Monaco sets approximate date for Charlene’s return to the Principality

Alberto de Monaco has granted an interview in which he reveals some information about the expected return of his wife, Princess Charlene, to the Principality, after six months in South Africa trying to recover from an ENT infection that prevented her from traveling. “It is much better. Your last operation on your nasal septum went … Read more