China Suárez got fed up with the rumors and published a strong message on her social networks

Eugenia Suarez In recent days, the name of Eugenia La China Suarez returned to the forefront of media scandals. A new message that he would have sent to Mauro Icardi while Wanda Nara was in Buenos Aires activated the alarms of the media soap opera of the last semester. To top, the footballer showed the … Read more

Juana Repetto published photos on the beach with a strong message: “Enough of hiding cellulite”

Juana Repetto and her two children (Photos: @juanarepettook) Juana Repetto He went on vacation with his family and shared some postcards on his social networks. The first chosen destination was Miamiwhere they stayed in an apartment, rented a car to go around and enjoyed the beach, and then traveled to the Mayan Riviera, in Mexico, … Read more

Jimena Barón published the first photo with her boyfriend on a paradisiacal beach in Mexico


Jimena Barón and Matías Palleiro enjoy a romantic getaway on the beaches of Mexico Jimena Barón is on vacation in Mexico and enjoys a few days off at an exclusive resort from Yucatan. Although at first she did not want to clarify whether she was accompanied or not, with the passing of days she decided … Read more

Valentina Ferrer, J Balvin’s girlfriend, published a response to Residente’s video


After the controversy unleashed by the video in which René Pérez, known as Residente, is dispatched against the paisa singer J Balvin, Valentina Ferrer, the Colombian’s current partner, wrote a message in her Instagram stories. TOAlthough he did not directly mention the controversy, many affirm that it would be a response to the words of … Read more

Belinda published a new message after criticism for her breakup with Christian Nodal


(Photo: Instagram/@belipop) Belinda He shared a reflection with his followers on social networks where he spoke about the meaning of life and his mission on Earth. The singer published the message after the controversy that was sparked by her breakup with Christian Nodal. During the night of last Tuesday, February 22, the actress published a … Read more

China Suárez published a photo of her Spanish boyfriend in bed: his reaction


(@armandounamoto) They have a long-distance relationship. Although soon they hope to be able to live in the same city. Meanwhile they do what they can: she travels to visit him when her family and work commitments allow it. And when not, they see each other through video calls and express their love with romantic posts … Read more

China Suárez published a topless photo: the reaction of her Spanish boyfriend


China Suarez and Armando Mena Navareno They have been together since November of last year, but only in the last few days have they decided to make their relationship public and express their love through romantic posts on social networks. The Argentine actress Eugenia China Suarez and the Spanish businessman Armando Mena Navareno they bet … Read more

Mauro Icardi published a daring photo with Wanda Nara and his followers questioned him


Mauro Icardi and Wanda Nara (Instagram) It is not the first time that the couple have shared photos played. However, the latest post from Mauro Icardi He was so daring that his own followers asked him to have a little more decorum. In the image, the player of the Paris Saint-Germain appears with a naked … Read more

Before entering the hospital, Carmen Salinas published a sad message


Carmen Salinas placeholder image It is known for its great track record. From a very young age, she began working as an impersonator and that’s how she got ahead until she became one of the largest in Mexico. Better known as “Carmelita Salinas”, she has been characterized by always attending the media on various issues … Read more

Is love reborn? Mauro Icardi published a family photo with Wanda Nara and her two daughters


Is love reborn? Mauro Icardi published a family photo with Wanda Nara and her two daughters The history of the relationship between Wanda Nara and Mauro Icardi in recent weeks has been puzzling. Now, after rumors that seemed to indicate a new separation, the footballer shared a photo with his wife and two of his … Read more