Raquel del Rosario shows the aftermath of her son four months after being attacked by a puma

Raquel del Rosario has not had an easy year, but she still feels infinitely grateful for continuing to enjoy the love and affection of her family. On August 26 he lived one of the scariest events of his life. The ex-vocalist of Morpheus’ Dream she had to save her five-year-old son Mael from the clutches … Read more

Like two drops of water: This is what the unrecognized son of José Luis “El Puma” Rodríguez looks like

A new scandal engulfs Jose Luis Rodriguez “The Puma”For the topic family. To the dispute that he has starred in with his daughters Liliana and Lilibeth Rodríguez Morillo for breaking all communication ties, now adding the reappearance of the son to whom he never gave his last name despite the incredible resemblance that exists between … Read more

José Luis Rodriguez’s eldest daughter ‘El Puma’ lost 19 KILOS, shows extreme change and destroys the singer on IG


Since the beginning of his artistic career in 1960, José Luis Rodríguez “El Puma” has placed himself in the eye of the hurricane with some scandals, which have overshadowed his talent. Friends, family lawsuits and even ties with drug trafficking are some of the problems that have starred in the last years of his life. … Read more