Jomari Goyso’s last live makes his fans cry and he says: “God had a purpose… he knew he had to do it”

Jomari Goyso. Photo: Jomari Goyso / Courtesy To say that Jomari Goyso is a believer is not bragging. The famous fashion critic has God very present in everything he does. Even in evaluations of him as a fashion connoisseur he references the creator. She always tells her famous friends and her so-called “cousins” that God … Read more

Julián Gil: “It was all a lie and it was all for the same purpose: to get away from the child”

The actor Julián Gil has stated on numerous occasions that the facet of dad is one of the most treasured in his life. He continually shares images with his children Nicolle and Julián on social networks. But he regrets that this album of experiences lacks experiences and moments together with Matías, a product of his … Read more

Hana Horká, Czech anti-vaccine singer, dies after contracting covid-19 on purpose, says her son


Czech anti-vaccine singer dies of covid-19 1:03 (CNN)– Czech folk singer Hana Horká, who opposed getting vaccinated against covid-19, died after catch By the way, according to his son. Horká, singer of the folk band Asonance, died Sunday, aged 57, after intentionally exposing herself to covid-19 at home while her son and husband contracted it, … Read more