Prince William goes all out for the crown, gives Queen Elizabeth II an ultimatum

Prince William goes all out for the crown, gives Queen Elizabeth II an ultimatum. | Special: Instagram. Prince William goes all out for the crown, gives Queen Elizabeth II an ultimatum. During the Order of the Garter ceremony he performed today, the duke of cambridge He told Elizabeth II that both he and his wife, … Read more

6 surprising facts about Queen Elizabeth II’s food preferences, according to a former royal chef

Darren McGrady worked as a chef for the British royal family for 15 years. First there were 11 years at Windsor Castle, serving Queen Elizabeth II, and then four at Kensington Palace, with Princess Diana (@darren_mcgrady) Queen Elizabeth II, 96, is the first British monarch to celebrate a Platinum Jubilee, what brand 70 years on … Read more

Queen Elizabeth’s jubilee and royal fight: the backstage of a family reunion that ended badly

The Platinum Jubilee Queen Isabel ended, the Duke of Cambridge was discovered selling the “homeless” magazine in the streets of the London neighborhood of Kensington and the Royal Family has restarted its agenda. Those four days of festivities in Britain showed a happy Royal Family but not necessarily united and much less reconciled. the duke … Read more

They were all the women with whom Prince Philip was unfaithful to Queen Elizabeth II

The prince philiphusband of Queen Elizabeth II and father of her four children, was married to her for more than 73 years, and although as the sovereign’s consort he did not have a constitutional role, no one was as important as him in the monarch’s life. June 10, the Duke of Edinburgh, if he had … Read more

Spies, lovers and suicides: the biggest scandal of Philip of Edinburgh’s life (which could have cost Queen Elizabeth II the throne)

Rumors of the Duke of Edinburgh’s alleged escapes from Buckingham began in the late 1950s. Prince Charles and Princess Anne were already born –in 1948 and 1950, respectively–, but Prince Andrew, who would do so in 1960, and the prince edwardborn 1964. Prince Philip was a strong supporter of his wife, but, it was said, … Read more

“Not even risky”: why did Queen Elizabeth not let herself take a photo with her granddaughter, the daughter of Meghan and Harry?


Queen Elizabeth crossed a line by inviting her grandson Harry and his wife Meghan to her 70th jubilee. After the dispatch that the two had butted heads with royalty on Oprah’s show last year, their presence was a very goodwill gesture. However, the monarch did not stop either. British newspapers recorded the meeting of the … Read more

In photos: the sensational faces of Prince Louis at the jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II explode social networks

In royal ceremonies, someone always steals the Show To the queen. This jubilee was expected to be Meghan Markle, who returned to London, more than a year after pulling the rags out of the sun on the royals on her show with Oprah Winfrey. However, it was not her who earned all eyes. It was … Read more

Queen Elizabeth will again be absent from the celebrations for her Jubilee but announced that she will follow the events on television with Harry and Meghan


Women have a picnic next to The Mall as people gather before a concert outside Buckingham Palace during Britain’s Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations, in London, Britain, June 4, 2022. REUTERS/Phil Noble Prince Charles and his eldest son Prince William will take center stage before a crowd of 22,000 to pay tribute to the Queen … Read more

Harry and Meghan turned their attention to the Jubilee Mass without Queen Elizabeth II


Prince Harry and Meghan at the mass in honor of Elizabeth II (Victoria Jones/Pool photo via AP) The 96-year-old queen, with increasing mobility problems, experienced “a certain malaise” after appearing twice standing on the balcony of Buckingham Palace the day before to launch the four days of celebrations for his “Platinum Jubilee”. Head of the … Read more