Raúl Araiza criticized Jorge ‘El Burro’ Van Rankin for his way of dressing: “You’re worth madr * the physique”

Raúl Araiza criticized “El Burro” Van Rankin On Air Members has stood out as the program that provided a space for various male celebrities to touch on issues and aspects that interest women, where they even give advice to those already mentioned, from the point of view of men. But not everything is rosy, because … Read more

Raúl de Molina reappears: After rumors of dismissal he goes out to tell the truth

Molina’s ‘El Gordo’ reappears after rumors that he was fired from Univision. The presenter of ‘El Gordo y La Flaca’ enjoys some free time in Madrid. Raúl de Molina will be back at Univisión as soon as his vacation is over. Raúl de Molina reappears. It was last Wednesday when rumors spread that Raúl de … Read more

Raúl de Molina returns: Unleashes a tremendous bomb in ‘El Gordo y la Flaca’


Raúl de Molina causes a stir after his return to ‘El Gordo y la Flaca’. He states that the separation of William and Elizabeth is a fact. Lili Estefan intervenes in his statements. Raul de Molina returns. After rumors emerged that Raúl de Molina had been fired from the famous Univisión program ‘El Gordo y … Read more

Raúl de Molina COVID-19: They assure that he is infected with COVID-19


Javier Ceriani launches surprising statement Is Raúl de Molina infected with COVID? The driver responds to Ceriani forcefully The Argentine journalist, Javier Ceriani surprises on the social networks of his program ‘Chisme No Like’ by revealing that possibly the host of ‘El Gordo y La Flaca’ from Univisión, Raúl de Molina is infected with COVID-19, … Read more

Raúl de Molina: These are his two luxurious and spectacular apartments in Florida


The Cuban presenter Raul de Molina62 years old and whom we see every afternoon in ‘The fat and the skinny’, he is a lover of the good lifeas evidenced by his travels around the world, his taste for haute cuisine and the real estate investments he has in the most exclusive areas of Florida. ‘El … Read more

How much money does Raúl de Molina have, is it true that he is a millionaire?


When we think of famous Cubans, many times we already go ahead knowing that behind them there is a hard story of overcoming and hard work. It is no secret to anyone that the Castro regime, which has dominated the island of Cuba for almost 59 years, caused many to flee in precarious situations. This … Read more

Eugenia León revealed how Raúl Velasco treated her badly on Televisa


Eugenia León mentioned that she was not well received by Raúl Velasco (Photo: Instagram / @ eugenialeon_oficial / @ leadersmexicanos) Eugenia Leon He was honest about some issues of how he started in the artistic environment. The mexican singer mentioned that it was not well received for Raul Velasco when he was host of the … Read more

Raúl Araiza recalled how he escaped from Daniela Castro with the help of Alexis Ayala


The actors remembered how bad their relationships were with their girlfriends (Photo: Instagram / @ membersalairetv) Raul Araiza Y Alexis Ayala They boasted how long their friendship has been, and also the strength it has taken over the years, recounting how in their youth they managed to escape from their girlfriends on one occasion, Daniela … Read more

Raúl Santa, ‘Pupuchurro’ in ‘Betty, la fea’ passed away


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